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Border Patrol Museum Statue

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Jan 31 2009

Border Patrol

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Will the border patrol start hiring within the next few months?

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Jan 31 2009

I already took the written exam and got a high score but I heard they put hiring more agents on hold. I took the exam back in September but I have not received a tenative selection packet. Please tell me when they will start hiring because I really want to become a border patrol agent.

Demian Maia Steps Up to Face Silva at UFC 112

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Jan 31 2009

Demian Maia Steps Up to Face Silva at UFC 112
The Brazilian jiu-jitsu champion may prove to be a challenge for “the spider.”


HRC Marches 3

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Jan 31 2009

Illegal Aliens

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are you voting for obama?

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Jan 31 2009

* He voted “yes” on allowing illegal aliens to participate in social security.
* Obama voted “no” against a ban on partial birth abortion (an abortion on a full term baby who is completely delivered except for the head. Before the baby’s head is delivered it is stabbed and crushed so that the skull collapses before exiting the mother’s body completely).

* He co-sponsored legislation that would provide funding for social services for noncitizens. While he may not support spending tax dollars on the war in Iraq, he doesn’t seem to have a problem spending money on noncitizens in our own backyard.
* Senator Obama favors affirmative action which requires universities and employers to accept people based on their race rather than by their abilities.

* He endorsed the Illinois handgun ban.
* He voted against the use of firearms for self defense.
* By his own admission, Obama would favor a national smoking ban in all public places if we don’t see enough progress at the local level. (I HATE cigarette smoke, but even I have a problem with this. This is just another example of a basic right that Senator Obama wants to take away.)
*Senator Obama will raise taxes – which by the way, will not help to stimulate the economy.

* Obama has many questionable and close friendships with extremists such Bill Ayers. Ayers is a terrorists who admits to bombing the Pentagon and has stated that he does not regret it. He was instrumental in helping Obama begin his political career.
***The terrorists across the seas are HOPING Obama wins the presidency. This may just be the only red flag I need.

Congressional Pledge Against Amnesty for Illegal Aliens Taken by Candidate Paul Schiffer in Ohio for ‘ANCIR’

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Jan 31 2009

Congressional Pledge Against Amnesty for Illegal Aliens Taken by Candidate Paul Schiffer in Ohio for ‘ANCIR’
CANTON, Ohio, Feb. 10 / Christian Newswire / — Paul Schiffer, Congressional Candidate in Ohio’s 16th Congressional District, has taken the pledge of the American Council for Immigration Reform to oppose amnesty in any form for illegal aliens, and to push for the enforcement of America’s laws, with the goal that trespassers in the United States will voluntarily return to the countries where they …

Read more on Christian News Wire

Is this further proof activists do not want immigration laws enforced even it happens to be a fugitive?

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Jan 30 2009

Having lost the political battle over the 287(g) program, with DHS declining to end the program or restrict its use to jails and prisons, and with continuing strong interest from local law enforcement agencies, frustrated open-borders advocates have settled on a new strategy — sue the bastards! Certainly everyone involved should be on the lookout for possible problems with racial profiling or abuse of authority. But the latest lawsuit, filed today against Frederick County, Md., Sheriff Chuck Jenkins and a host of other defendants, looks more like a public relations stunt and last-ditch attempt to avoid deportation than a serious legal challenge.

The complaint was filed on behalf of one Roxana Orellana in U.S. District Court in Greenbelt, Md., by LatinoJustice PRLDEF, formerly known as the Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund; CASA de Maryland, a local advocacy group; and the law firm of Nixon Peabody LLP. It alleges that a little over a year ago, on October 8, 2008, Ms. Orellana was wrongfully interrogated about her immigration status while innocently eating her lunch outside a food co-op. Orellana and her advocates complain that the deputies who questioned her could only have been motivated by “her ethnic appearance.”

Orellana is reportedly from El Salvador and entered the United States in 2005. She claims that she was asked for identification and after producing a Salvadoran identification card, was arrested and later turned over to ICE. On November 11, 2008, she was released by ICE for “humanitarian” reasons.

The plaintiffs assert that the deputies “exceeded the jurisdiction’s agreement with ICE under their cooperation 287(g) agreement, [and] that actions by the Sheriff’s Office were discriminatory and unlawfully violated Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964″ and other constitutional rights. The press release quotes CASA de Maryland spokesman Gustavo Torres: “I’m disgusted that in Maryland someone can be jailed because she was sitting outside eating a sandwich. It sickens me to think that a two year old was without his mother for 46 days, all because Sheriff Jenkins doesn’t follow the law.” (According to news reports, Orellana lives with her husband, so presumably the child was not left alone.)

According to Sheriff Jenkins, the lawsuit is a malicious attempt to slander him, his officers and the 287(g) program in general. He says the plaintiffs left a few key facts out of their press release.

The incident is still under investigation, but here’s how he tells it: The accused deputies (who are not 287(g) deputies) were on routine patrol and happened to drive past Ms. Orellana as she sat eating in the alley. According to his deputies, when Ms. Orellana saw the patrol car, she dropped her sandwich and ran behind a self storage unit. Her suspicious behavior prompted them to approach and question her. News accounts have stated that she does not speak English well, and the deputies do not speak Spanish. They asked her for identification. They ran her name and information through a routine background check using the NCIC, which apparently revealed Orellana had an outstanding deportation order, making her a fugitive. Therefore, she was arrested and turned over to ICE, which agreed to take custody.

Fortunately for Frederick County’s 287(g) program, the deputies accused in this case were not 287(g) officers. If they had been, under the terms of their new MOA drawn up by the Obama administration, such an allegation of wrongdoing could cause them to be suspended from the program. Since they were not 287(g) deputies, they were operating under the inherent authority that all local law enforcement officers have to arrest illegal aliens they encounter who are wanted by ICE. They are not held to ICE’s self-imposed limitations or shifting priorities on who should be subject to immigration law enforcement.

Just last month, Sheriff Jenkins announced the milestone of processing 500 criminal aliens in the first 18 months of the county’s 287(g) program. Senior ICE managers from the regional field office were on hand for the occasion to commend the Sheriff and his deputies for their good work. As a result of their voluntary participation in 287(g), the Frederick County officers have put a significant number of dangerous individuals, including violent gang members, drunk drivers, and others who are a threat to public safety on the path to removal from the country. The program has been implemented at no cost to county taxpayers.

Regardless of the merits or the outcome, we can expect to see more of these lawsuits. Anti-287(g) activists had been busy nationwide recruiting plaintiffs. Sheriff Jenkins said that the local chapter of Catholic Charities had sponsored an event for this purpose in the weeks prior to the filing of the lawsuit. Presumably opponents feel empowered after witnessing how Janet Napolitano pulled the plug on Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigative 287(g) program in Maricopa County,

How do people feel about this news article about illegals and babies born in the USA?

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Jan 30 2009

California is closer to ending illegal “Anchor Baby” births

San Diego – Californians are one step closer to ending the “Anchor Baby” births by illegals throughout the state. In an effort to close ever-expanding social service programs the California Taxpayer Protection Act of 2010, Initiative 09-0010 has begun the signature process.

The Attorney General of California released the last bit of paperwork required to get the “birth tourism” legislation moving forward. Petitioners must now collect approximately 450,000 California registered voter signatures.

At a press conference in front of the City Hall Administration building, Ted Hilton- author of the bill, Bill Morrow-retired California State Senator, Peter Nunez-former United States Attorney and Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Enforcement joined together to inform the residents of California to take the immigration issue into their own hands.

This bill is for “real world citizens,” Morrow said. “The people of California have an opportunity to curb the illegal immigration. Many in California may not have seen the grass lately, but we’ve been seeding our roots.”

According to the Attorney General for the state of California, who prepares the title and summary, the state would deny birth certificates to children born to undocumented parents unless the mother provides a fingerprint and other information to be given to the federal authorities.

Finally, the initiative eliminates benefits for children in child-only CalWORKS cases which are not mandated by federal law.

For those who want reassurance, the public benefit restrictions in this initiative have already passed and are on the books in five states, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Oklahoma and Arizona.

The California ballot initiative is closely worded to the law on the books in Oklahoma, says Hilton.

Many in California believe the federal government has dropped the immigration ball over the last 40 years. “In Washington D.C. they have a few nicknames; reform is code word for amnesty,” Nunez explained.

He goes on to say that if Americans allow another amnesty wave to come ashore a new wave of immigrants will head to America – this time the number could be 40 million.

Again Nunez says, “It’s time for the states residents to take care of the illegal immigration problem, the federal, state and local governments have failed.”

As far as immigration containment issues there are three areas that need to be addressed; Border security, workforce enforcement and doling out of public benefits. This ballot initiative addresses the latter, benefits.

The crux of this issue is the “birth tourism.” The state currently pays $400 million per year in ‘normal childbirth,’ according to the state of California Department Health’s latest records. “This doesn’t include the cost of premature births which the Center for Disease Control estimates as 12 percent of all births. The costs to taxpayers for these births and those born with disabilities are over $1 billion more annually,” Hilton said.

According to California State Attorney General office, the initiative would save the taxpayers around $1 billion annually from eliminating the child-only CalWORKS program. Morrow believes the number is much higher. “If you add the costs for ending public benefits, the state will save much more than $1 billion per year.”

Another concerned group that has come out and supports the 2010 ballot initiative are African-Americans.

Ted Hayes who recently ran for congress against Maxine Waters in Los Angeles said, “American black men will stop the birth tourism problem connected to the 14th Amendment.”

“That law was meant for West African slaves, not Latinos crossing the border illegally,” Hayes firmly stated. “The Latinos are taking money from the sweat from our backs; we intend to take it back.”

Nunez concurs, “The 14th Amendment was a way for this country to overcome slavery. Our current national policy doesn’t even allow diplomats in this country to gain citizenship through birth.”

Hayes admits it’s time African-Americans to start fighting for their state and country. “The Latinos want to make this about race. I’ll make this about race. The sponsors of this bill are not racists, they’re Americans and we stand with them.”


Backed up by fact, Hilton notes in 1987 California’s teenage birth rate was below the national average. One short year later, pre-natal care commenced for illegal aliens. “Four years later that caused the state’s teenage birth rate to grow to twice the national average and the highest of any state,” says Hilton.

According to the State of California, Department of Public Health’s latest birth records show there were 562,157 live births. A staggering 293,276 were born to a mother of Hispanic background.

“The state estimates

042 Chola Asks: Illegal Aliens Get Driver’s Licenses?

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Jan 30 2009 With nearly a trillion dollars spent on the war in Iraq and the economy down the tubes, there is only one issue that deserves more attention driver's licenses for illegal aliens/undocumented workers. Ask A Chola gives us her take on this heated debate!! Ask A Chola is cutting edge surrealist comedy from the heart of Southern Califas. If we view the current cultural landscape as a text, Ask A Chola is a refreshingly postmodern semiotic analysis of this text. If you enjoy Borat, the Ali G Show, the Colbert Report and the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, you might also like Ask A Chola. Were they alive today, André Breton and Guy Debord would watch Ask A Chola videos. http

What does this hawaiian phrase mean Na Iehowa’oe, e ho’omaika’i maia e malama mai?

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Jan 30 2009

I looked up some of the words but I cannot get the phrase.