Attack on Arizona and SB 1070 ( Brewer / Racial Profiling / Immigration / Racist )

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Feb 23 2012

AZ has recently taken legislative steps to deal with out-of-control illegal immigration and drug running. The attacks from the Left and Big Business have been considerable, and b/c the new laws might work, people who want an amnesty can’t allow them to remain in place. If AZ becomes a success, the nationwide debate about illegal immigration and “comprehensive reform,” would essentially be finished.

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  1. vechorik says:

    Anti-immigrant or intelligent? Before you post, check out this YouTube video about poverty/immigration entitled:

    Immigration by the Numbers — Off the Charts

    it’s short and easy to understand. Then let me know what you think.´╗┐

  2. arizonawhitepride says:

    email me asap i live in arizona we can fight this bullshit and make this our land agian and worry about our american people! fucking leeche people
    i amnot a joke and´╗┐ am willing to do what it takes!

  3. arizonawhitepride says:

    email me asap i live in arizona we can fight this bullshit and make this our land agian and´╗┐ worry about our american people! fucking leeche people

  4. Gothikification says:

    C SPAN “Black Republican Forum” Session 2 (begin at 11:30) Allen West stated part of Amnesty of 1986 was to secure our borders and enforcement our laws, but haven’t happened. (We’re still talking about new amnesty like DREAM Act.) We can’t allow local cities to make sanctuary cities policies, because they will bring our inner city turf wars to epic proportions by bringing in the drug cartel and Columbian gangs. (Mexican Gangs don’t recognize´╗┐ US borders established Treaty of Guadalupe)

  5. Gothikification says:

    2/2 In November 2010, 15.1 million were unemployed (9.8%). 154 million are able to work in workforce (15.1 million/9.8%). GOOGLE “illegal immigration counters”, There are 11,941,812 (or 11.9 million) skilled jobs provided to illegal immigrants. the 15.1 million unemployed could take the 11.9 million available jobs. The unemployment rate could be reduced to´╗┐ 2.1% {{15.1-11.9)/154}.

  6. Gothikification says:

    1/2 Immigrationcounters com 97% illegal immigrants are from Mexico. Illegalimmigrationstatistics org $1117 – The average amount you and your family paid in taxes this year to support illegals. 51%´╗┐ – The percentage of Mexican immigrant households that use at least one major welfare program. 28% use more than one.

  7. arnold9012 says:

    @YamsRyu And what about All those bastards that call themselves “The border patrol” they kill immigrants too!! just because they’re trying to come to live a better life, they shoot them!!´╗┐ so i wouldnt call that woman racist, you know.. not all illegal immigrants are criminals only 2 or 3 in a million are crimminals so go SO GO BACK TO SUCKING UR DADS AND DOGS DICK IF YOU HATE ILLEGAL ALIENS!!! im pretty sure you’d like that haha

  8. YamsRyu says:


    So would you tell´╗┐ a woman that lost her family to illegal aliens, that she is racist? That she’s in the wrong? She lost everything because the country failed her, and not just the country, but the mayor of SanFran who allowed it to be turned into a SANCTUARY CITY for illegals!

    Go back to sucking donkey dick if you think ‘hating illegal aliens’ means ‘you are racist’.

  9. bigtroublein says:

    viva´╗┐ los 1070

  10. arnold9012 says:

    @DerailAmnestydotcom All i want to know is what is you WHITE RACIST people’s preblem that hispanics come just to work in places where white people wouldnt work at, why do you guys get all butt hurt?? Look everyone knows, even YOU!!!, that with out hispanics working in this amazing country,´╗┐ the USA, this country is absolutely nothing!!!! and THAT IS NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH!!!! HELL YEAH!!!

  11. DerailAmnestydotcom says:

    @arnold9012 So what?´╗┐ The same can be said of 99.99% of people who embezzle from banks and stick up liquor stores. Your point is … ?

  12. arnold9012 says:

    @DerailAmnestydotcom, it doesnt matter, 99.99% of illegal Aliens just want to have a better life!!!´╗┐ thats all a better life

  13. DerailAmnestydotcom says:

    @arnold9012´╗┐ Mexicans? Immigrants? The law isn’t about Mexicans and Immigrants. It deals with Illegal Aliens.

  14. arnold9012 says:

    Mexicans just wanna work thats all….. i dont get why just because´╗┐ of one illegal criminal… all of the immigrants have to face the consequences??????????????

  15. TheNp42 says:

    No, you wouldn’t.
    Because then the Mexicans would be invading YOUR land..isn’t that right! ´╗┐

  16. TorchTexas says:

    1070 Rocks!´╗┐

  17. TheNp42 says:

    Pipe down, buddy.
    We paid the Indian Americans reparations for stolen land.
    Now you shut the fuck´╗┐ up and we’ll chat after we deal with the illegals.

  18. fleiva30 says:

    @biggerturtle talk all u want..but mexicans girls say that the only good in a white man is that there good providers, faithfull, and obedient..thats all.. but have no ridem and spice…..hahahaa u LOOSER´╗┐

  19. biggerturtle says:

    @fleiva30 My Mexican girl just sucked´╗┐ the cum out of my dick – she loves it

  20. biggerturtle says:

    @fleiva30 I just fucked your mama in the ass with my big American dick and she loved it´╗┐ because you can’t do the job gayboy. I’m seeing her again tonight HAHAHAHA

  21. fleiva30 says:

    @biggerturtle Shut the Fuck up!..just blow u cock away´╗┐ u FAG!

  22. biggerturtle says:

    @fleiva30 And we´╗┐ will fuck your women and kill you all HAHAHAHA

  23. siradon2000 says:

    @jrsklan2 You seem to forget. Mexican’s aren’t from America either. Most Mexicans are descendants of Spaniards. Half breeds of indentured servants (the nice term for slaves). What few natives were left after the Spanish invasion were mostly bred out in a matter of decades. America is even a name from Europe. Don’t even try and attempt to get high and mighty about Mexico. If your people loved Mexico´╗┐ so much, they would stay there.

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