Elections, campaign & illegal immigrants

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Feb 21 2013

More and More lies from Corporate American media against illegal immigrants. of the most effective ways to create resentment, hatred and “distraction” from US involvement in other Global political, economical and political issues is blaming Immigrants for every misfortune in America.

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  1. lilims123 says:

    Not all Mexicans are illegal and not all Mexicans do that! And its not just Mexicans, there is Cubans, Guatemalans, Puerto Ricans, etc…

  2. miguelusamex says:

    You think?? You think? really? idiot. Maybe just tell your fellow American employers not to hire undocumented immigrants and they will not come. asshole!!!!!

  3. qwereyz says:

    I think the US border patrol doesn’t work. we should include US Army, US Soldiers, US Special forces and FBI to secure the US borders & Deathly Force to Illegals sneaking & jumping every NIGHTS!! otherwise our country will be falling down to the ocean!!!

  4. jtx1bx says:

    The US number 1 enemy are MEXICANS Illegals Immigrants jumping into the US borders for decades !!!
    It’s not 12 millions, it’s not 20 millions, but a half of the US populations will be their target numbers!!!
    Most Mexicans agree that the US is their motherland & they want this back by jumping borders every days, protesting into US streets, Sneaking, Drug Cartels, Robbery, Gangs members, Crime, Murder, Car Thief, Stealing, all of these already happend for decades!!!

  5. fleiva30 says:

    illegal immigrants Since 1492..if deportation is the answer Lets start with the Europeans first..!!

  6. GunnySgtHartman says:

    Idiot. The solution is to secure the border and deport illegal aliens, Comprende ?

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