Goodbye Blue Sky – America’s Wall Rising

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Feb 23 2013

A chilling montage of political events and issues over the last couple of years which brings into perspective the danger America currently faces. Our constitution is under attack with the blessings of the main stream media, and all hope is resting on the individual voter becoming well informed on what is taking place around them. Is it too late?

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  1. zerotolerance4u says:

    You’re the problem, 0commie.

  2. dravendfr says:

    Funny that A LOT of this video was during Bush admin…

  3. dravendfr says:

    And this video is stupid, I came for the music

  4. dravendfr says:

    @corpsman907 they’ll figure out they’re picking between two poisons eventually…

  5. BucOfive says:

    As a Conservative and huge Floyd fan, I could care less what Water’s or Floyd think about it’s use. You are one of the morons that probably thinks the Wall was about the fall of schools and society…..So please enlighten me as to what the meaning of the Wall was if you even know……..Let’s see how smart you are and where your “research” leads you incompetent brain. I’ll be waiting.

  6. BucOfive says:

    @ Frank D, I’m sorry, did you miss the fact Obama was a sitting member of Congress during the Bush Admin, and now he acts surprised about how bad it is and was. Where the FK was he during his time in the Illinois and Federal Senates….Obama is a poser and you’re a fool.

  7. snjfinances says:

    Neither Roger Waters nor Pink Floyd would condone this video or the use of their copyrighted material. Both Roger and the band are infinitely smarter than the idiots who put this video together. There are two types of conservatives: the rich who spend money to produce lies and the redneck sheep who believe them without doing any research or thinking of their own. Get real. Neither side ends up doing what is needed, but it is clear that one (the left) is at least facing the right direction.

  8. Frank D says:

    Well said.

  9. Frank D says:

    Stay on the sidelines if you will. 3rd party never wins. I’ll admit there’s little difference btwn R+D, but I’d rather participate and choose the Dems. At least then I’d know there wasn’t some right-wing religious zealot trying to control people’s private lives, while padding the pockets of big oil and killing our environment. If you’re worried about Big Brother, too late. The corporations already know your every move, thanks to facebook, google, aol, and the like.

  10. corpsman907 says:

    LMAO, do you seriously believe that voting republican or democrat matters? Both lead to the same end, its a way to control people like you and limit your spectrum of political interpretation. Good luck with that logic. I woke up years ago, obviously you havent.

  11. Frank D says:

    Wake up! There are ONLY TWO choices here. Republicans, responsible for wasting the Clinton era surplus, destabilizing the Middle East, and raping Grandma’s Social Security, -OR- Democrats trying to dig us out of the largest financial mess since 1929. Do you think GOP will help care for U.S. Servicemen/women returning from Iraq? GOP cut funds for domestic services, so 1% can live in luxury.

  12. corpsman907 says:

    Only a fool believes there is a difference between republican and democrat. You are stuck as a drone in the binary trap.

  13. midasman68 says:

    if ndaa gets passed put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye people ,if you dont know what ndaa is you need to wake up fast section 1031 1032 ,just seems sureal

  14. skared2deth says:

    Your blaming the banks and the T-Party???? What are you blaming them for? The state of our economy? You are not making any sense here. Please educate yourself on why banks are in the mess they are in, and what the T-Party really stands for… LESS GOVERNMENT SPENDING! The only way you can replace a capitalist system with a socialist one is to overload it to the point of failure. That is what Obama is up to, and I blame the media and people like you for promoting it.

  15. skared2deth says:

    You are correct… I improperly presumed you were referring to 9/11. Partly because your comment comes on the very anniversery of 9/11, but also because multiple comments previous to yours HAVE stated that I was attempting to blame Obama for 9/11. Regardless, I do not see how you take this video as blaming Obama for anything. Obama is accomplishing everything he has set out to do…. which is to replace capitalism with a marxist/socialist power structure.

  16. Frank D says:

    Why was your response, “This video does not blame Obama or any American for 9/11″? I never once mentioned 9/11 in my comment. I said you’re blaming Obama for Bush’s poor decisions.
    You’re right about one thing, though. WE need to pay more attention. The fact that banks refuse to refinance homeowners so they can keep their homes is criminal. (At least w/refinancing, the house doesn’t sit empty.) And T-Party would rather see Grandma go w/o SS, than close tax loopholes is even worse.

  17. skared2deth says:

    This video does not blame Obama or any American for 9/11. It does however make the point that Obama’s agenda aligns with those who want to see America and capitalism fall. The tie-in with 9/11 is meant to remind viewers that our enemies want us dead… and our national mentality (promoted by the media) purposefully ignores that truth. (twin towers clip follows laughter over pledge of allegiance) That is not blaming the president… that is blaming US for being ignorant.

  18. Frank D says:

    …so you’re going to blame President Obama for the poor decisions of President George W. Bush/ What a load of crap! President Bush took us from our true mission in Afghanistan to invade Iraq, and gave tax cuts that we couldn’t afford.
    It was the Bush administration that drew up the first stimulus. (the one that took affect in 2009) Clever editing does not make facts. This video is nothing more than propaganda.

  19. faeraemae says:

    seems no matter who you vote for,
    a POLITICIAN always wins
    Dig a little deeper
    time to move on

  20. skared2deth says:

    Wow… it never even crossed my mind. Sounds like it has possibilities.
    Would you care to expand on your ideas?
    Use private messaging. Thanks!

  21. CrazyStyxFan says:

    I can’t believe you forgot The Trial in this video (and I’m talking about the Pink Floyd song, here)

  22. zanografix says:

    awesome All in all we’re just another brick in the wall.

  23. midasman68 says:

    when the people fear the gov.we have tyranny.when the gov. fears the people we have DEMOCRACY

  24. midasman68 says:

    im deathy scared for my republic

  25. Dax Dushkewich says:

    Obama…is not and can never be a “natural born” citizen because his father was a Kenyan national and a British subject, as was Obama, “at birth.”

    The Obama Campaign describes Barack Obama Sr. as, “a British subject whose citizenship status… was governed by The British Nationality Act of 1948. That same act governed the status of Obama Sr.’s children,” on it’s website.

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