Chelene Nightingale for Governor

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Feb 25 2013

On September 29th, 2010, Peter Racz of Valley Springs invited Candidate for California Governor Chelene Nightingale to speak at a luncheon and a town hall meeting in Valley Springs, California. She took a moment to talk to the camera about her views on the issues facing both Calaveras County and the State.

6 Responses

  1. CA Maven says:

    Hmm, seems that all of Meg’s money is not buying the election after all. Moonbeam is +10%. Chelene’s gaining. If the voters could overcome their compulsive third party aversion, we’d have genuine CHANGE!

  2. SoldierCyfix says:

    I really hope you win… but i have major doubts. after all ur against major special interest cocksuckers like jerry brown and Meg withman….the freaking billionaire CEO of ebay, she’s so rich that she can just buy nominations

  3. wearechangesf says:

    What a shock! The gubernatorial candidate the lamestream media keeps bumping in favor of B.S. stories about a basketball player getting into a domestic dispute

  4. DerailAmnestydotcom says:

    @laotianrose She has said it, just not on this particular occasion. She also didn’t mention her concern about “chemtrails” here, either.

  5. OcarinaTycoon says:

    I’m voting for YOU. I’m Constitution party as well.

  6. DerailAmnestydotcom says:

    She left out the part about how she intends to confront Barack Obama about his immigr. status. That’s not popular with this particular audience?

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