The Alex Jones Show Hour 1: Congress Controlled by International Mobsters 1/4

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Mar 03 2013

alex breaks down hour 1 how Washington DC is controlled by the International Bakers and thier Global Mobster friends. Alex also covers the latest on the new immigration law in AZ, and goes on a news blitz.

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  1. jerran sperarman says:

    good video´╗┐

  2. mikepousti says:

    COOL!!! ´╗┐ Love it!

  3. 2ndSamuel710 says:

    Great new vid on Utube just´╗┐ 3 weeks old- called “The War Against Gentiles.”
    About those mean nasty Muslims of course. No?
    The Freemasons? The Jesuits? The´╗┐ Illuminati?
    Only 15 minutes long:┬şE

  4. rahmans420 says:

    everyone know that zionist and israeli lobby control America by their puppet politician and media, sadly American people become herds of sheep and bad day´╗┐ waiting for u.

  5. HorChild says:

    Chomsky´╗┐ is another white demon deceieving the planet!!

  6. HorChild says:

    White people are the´╗┐ wicked evil ones murdering and enslaving the planet – DEMONS!!!

  7. HorChild says:

    White people are making war against humanity!!

    White War 3 coming soooon – whites are going to kill billions more!!!

    Whites are going´╗┐ to kill and enslave the planet!

    Fight the White Satanic Beasts!!!!

  8. friday33 says:

    Satan +antichrist +Jew +Zionist +Freemason +illuminate all working for one´╗┐ gal

  9. MrChrisMcPhail2 says:

    “If we don’t believe in freedom for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.” – Noam´╗┐ Chomsky

  10. Charmer4856 says:

    I probably use the wrong term…but vaccines can probably make it less like for´╗┐ women to get pregnant…whatever term goes with that

  11. ashman012012 says:

    SEARCH YOUTUBE FOR: Obama’s PROMISE To End The Iraq War

  12. ashman012012 says:

    SEARCH YOUTUBE FOR: Obama’s PROMISE To End The Iraq War

  13. Charmer4856 says:

    I think the vaccines are controlling the population. Making men sterile…less sperm and making´╗┐ the women less likely to fertilize eggs

  14. Riv3rQu33n says:

    the 1 child policy hasn’t worked too´╗┐ well for they don’t have enough women.and they STILL have more people.

  15. pmarceau says:

    I’m sure they have their share, but do´╗┐ you really think doctors compare to priests or politicians?

  16. melsplac3 says:

    I too was starting to worry about Alex. I thought something had´╗┐ happened to him. Glad to hear you back!

  17. realguy420 says:

    Politicians, Priests, and Doctors are primarily pedophile con-artists. They have slightly above average IQ’s´╗┐ and only see a slightly larger picture that allows them to use & abuse the average. They fail to recognize the wise folks beyond them who are observing and understanding the motives of their scams. Time to speak, go public, and take action against these so-called saviors of society.

  18. HEREclickPlease says:

    I believe most´╗┐ of Congress is blackmailed by the international finaciers
    Why would they want to go along with the ruination of their nation

  19. melsplac3 says:

    I was starting to worry about Alex too. Thought something had happened. Glad to see you back.´╗┐

  20. videolover61 says:

    I hear you…I think people´╗┐ have cut back on having kids cause this is just not a “kid friendly” country. It’s also very expensive to have kids and educate them. So “smart” people are “thinking” more about the problems of childing bearing and cutting back, or not doing it at all…

  21. WJValente says:

    A ‘one-child’ policy in the US´╗┐ makes zero sense because the birth rates are already too low (1.3 children per family) It requires a minimum of 2 children just to sustain a culture. People should have kids based on whether or not they think the Earth will be a good place for them to live or not.. not so much about programmed, traditional, conformist lifestyles.

  22. WJValente says:

    We need to move forwards, not back. We need to restore the Republic, yes, but we also need to take it much further and make sure these banksters never get back into power again! How to prevent corruption? I think we´╗┐ need to transcend the monetary-system and focus on what we have (resources) to at least give the basics world-wide, FREE! That includes free clean air, water, warmth, shelter, energy, and transportation. That’s a start.

  23. WJValente says:

    These politicians are morons! You can’t fight fire with more fire! It is also promoting the idea of violence and force as positive´╗┐ measure. What about problem solving, root causes, more police, less poverty, etc.? You think the military wants to shoot American citizens (gang members)? Oh, right, they’re just following orders… lol

  24. DirtyVegas7 says:

    I wonder who the poor bastard was who´╗┐ said he didn’t like this clip.

  25. MustacheVerra says:

    Here’s 1 reason why. ..or should i say a theory. And that is the NWO has been mainly recruiting among minority groups like gays telling them how they’ll be free in this NWO etc… And of course, they can always use this as leverage too…´╗┐

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