Obama Justice-Thieves Go Free, Victim Arrested

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Mar 03 2013

Obama justice. Wheat Ridge, Colorado – Admitted thieves go free, while an 82 year old man is facing life in prison, for trying to defend his property and his life.

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  1. u3of52 says:

    Destabilization´╗┐ – Now in progress!

  2. sal DLA says:

    America still exists. It’s the corporation known as the United´╗┐ States of America that is sinking quickly.

  3. SteeleJim123 says:

    this whole situation is infuriating, you can’t even defend your property´╗┐ anymore

  4. Bigone5555J says:

    @hangover71,´╗┐ Reflects on the attitude of Obama’s Justice Department. This happened about the same time that charges against the New Black Panthers were dropped.

  5. hangover71 says:

    whats´╗┐ this to do wit Obama..??

  6. jncarlos007 says:

    No. If somebody is trying to steal your stuff then you have too much stuff, are therefore rich, and therefore a racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe and probably should have just been killed by the poor, honest, struggling, helpless, and hopeless “undocumented citizens” you have been oppressing all of your life. Serves you right you spoiled American.´╗┐ You should realize your evil ways and vow to always vote democrat forever-more…

  7. WARFOX101 says:

    And i want to add one thing. Not all Mexicans are bad illegal or legal. My father came to Indian over 40 years ago. He has worked at the same job for 40 years has build a great home for himself and our family. He learned English went to´╗┐ school finished collage put five kids through collage and payed his taxes. And has never broken any laws not even speeding ticket. i don’t think Americans should start looking at all Mexicans like criminals.

  8. WARFOX101 says:

    Hell, a man has a right to protect himself and his property. What the hell is wrong with this´╗┐ damn county these days.

  9. platefullofbacon says:

    I hope´╗┐ that community stones to death that prosecutor!!

  10. Bigone5555J says:

    @D13HARD, (And let’s not forget the new hanging plants, so´╗┐ the enviroment doesn’t look too harsh. ) I’m sorry to hear of your troubles. November is´╗┐ coming fast, let’s hope our votes don’t get split up, allowing these liberials and Rinos to get re-elected again.

  11. Bigone5555J says:

    @D13HARD, Yes, Obama wants Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to make their detention facilities less jail-like. Detainees are to be allowed greater access to visitors, a vegetable and soda bar, internet access, Bingo nights, dance lessons, arts and crafts, video games, movie nights and cooking classes. To top off the proposed changes,´╗┐ ICE would like to relax or eliminate the conditions under which detainees are searched, abandoning lockdowns, lights-out, visitor screening. Unreal!

  12. mauiportal says:

    when I first saw this story I assumed it took place in California, but I forgot about how liberal the Denver area’s. I’m sure glad I live in Arizona, I guarantee you that if illegal aliens here tried to steal my stuff and I took a shot at them, I would not be charged with anything in the illegals would give the jail. And, soon our new law will kick in, and the illegals would be arrested even if´╗┐ they hadn’t tried to steal my stuff. good

  13. D13HARD says:


    Is what you are saying true? We only eat one meal a day…can’t find any jobs but keep turning in apps…ran out of unemployment…only jobs offered are minimum wage but the kids have them…and you are saying the illegal aliens get better food, movies, and dance lessons? WTF? My family is starving to death and about to loose our house…and illegal aliens are robbing´╗┐ our country and getting away with it!

  14. Nomed38 says:

    So if you shoot someone who is stealing from you, they go free and you are charged with attempted´╗┐ murder? I suggest that all of us call, email, and talk to our congressmen and candidates about passing a castle doctrine in our own states. Those two worthless parasites go free while the man defending his property is charged is bullshit.

  15. H1N1Conspiracynews says:

    Hell ya the´╗┐ home owner should get a reward of some kind. come on 12 felony counts just for defending himself?? fucked up shit their…

  16. isaacsim says:

    “they attacked our village and we killed them all, what would you do if your home was attacked? you would stand up like a brave man and defend it.”

    sitting bull, an american hero. speaking about the battle of the´╗┐ “little big horn” when he fought and killed people who were trying to invade his property.

    he was right then, and this man is right now.

  17. FreeAgain2 says:

    Your comments are right on the Mark.
    Not only´╗┐ has OBAMA divided America – HE HAS DONE ZERO TO Help race relations. Imagine that – the first Black President and he does ZILCH on the race issue. W T F!

  18. MrBluegrassfiddler says:



  19. A Sch says:

    Let’s face it. America is over. If they can do that, then technically, there is no America. A country exists when it can protect itself from´╗┐ invaders and we can’t so the truth is America doesn’t exist. This big tract of land called the USA is just open territory “run” by a liar named Obama.

  20. A Sch says:

    You know, the guy should try stealing something himself and then see if the “cops” give a shit. If they´╗┐ try to arrest him, then he should point out that they didn’t think the illegal scumbags did anything wrong other than try to kill him.

  21. A Sch says:

    You’ve got it barely right. Soon only criminals will have money, homes, jobs, guns and a future. The innocent´╗┐ people of America will have nothing.

  22. A Sch says:

    They need to be executed for treason. They want to´╗┐ destroy our livelihood and our freedoms and take our lives. Fuck Obama. He’s not the president, just a terrorist sympathizer.

  23. USAon3 says:

    What the´╗┐ hell do thin strips of wood have to do with theft?

    Oh – and if someone is going to test how “careful” I am with my stuff, he’s going to have a hole in his gut the size of my thumb.

  24. aznative96 says:

    Never leave a thief alive to testify. Kill them and prevent them from any future problems. As a benefit, you teach would be thieves which houses to avoid and where the liberals´╗┐ live.

  25. YounaTuber says:

    WHERE are the voices of the nation that are trying to support this elderly gentleman? We “onlookers” are stuck in our current situations, unable to physically assist, yet those within his vicinity are nowhere to be found. Now, THAT is what´╗┐ I call the TRUE CRIME.

  26. kirk says:

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  27. Reginald says:

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