stop Language discrimination in the us

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Mar 05 2013

Job applicant will challenge counseling position’s spanish-language requirement Western is being accused of discrimination in its hiring practices concerning a Multicultural and Latino Student Outreach Admissions Counselor position

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  1. We Theppl says:

    Hey nariko47 or whatever your name is?? Employees should only have to know spanish if it directly relates to the companys seccess. (Don’t comment about my spelling just the discrimination thing.) My name is William Leasure and I won 400,000 dollars for being told to leave a farm labor site because the supervisor did not know English so I was told to leave! And NO! America belongs to the people We The People who make the effort to become or are blessed to be born here. Cheers

  2. nariko47 says:

    You should be able to speak spanish! It should be requirement everywhere. This is the U.S. but clearly it belongs to Latinos, and more and more each year! We’re going no where.

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