Border Patrol Bail Out

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Apr 06 2013

Tonks bail from a vehicle after being stopped.

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  1. بو عبدالرحمن says:

    tunnel inside the car

  2. AtariFTW says:


  3. AntBanks2626 says:


  4. babyblue2532 says:

    เลือกจับไม่ถูกเลย คุณพี่ตำรวจ

  5. babyblue2532 says:


  6. onstageagain says:

    Police Chief Suspended for Exposing Illegals working @ Local Plants
    Residents R circulating a petition seeking recall of Mayor Dave McGirr, over a series of events that led to then-Police Chief Doug Schmitt suspended him ordered by city council & now has submitted resignation.
    Ron Volesky, who is getting signatures for the recall of McGirr, His phone # is 605-352-2126 , Every one Call & protest this, Mayor McGirr office # is 605-353-8515

  7. Algore JeanQ says:

    Are we going to end up going to war right in our own backyards when the Cartels take over Mexico?

  8. majalcam says:

    lol its like a clown car!! But I will admit I’m Mexican and yes we have packed like 10people in a five passenger car. Thats why this is hillarious!!

  9. Alejandro Montoya says:


  10. LeQuack147 says:

    @miguelinclan True, but the fact they broke the law just getting in puts them off to a bad start. Once you’ve broken the law once, it’s easier to break it again, ’cause you’re already in trouble anyway.

  11. hypersupermamado says:

    jajjajajjja,but this was funny I have some videos that aint that funny and concern the migra

  12. aztecadog says:

    im mexicano and actually rode in the trunk of a car 200miles….years and years ago (im a US citizen now), but i gotta admit, that was a funny video, especially with the bennyhill music- i just wish everyone would lighten up and realize that the rich & powerful has us fighting each other while they reap the benefits of the ‘illegals’- lets solve this issue in a humane way, it can be done

  13. Abako Aye Yo B says:


  14. marioruizruizmario says:

    yha then when the mexican drug cartels take over the u.s they can just ummm idk ..kidnap your mom and chop your dads head off how bout that

  15. marioruizruizmario says:

    yup just how we packed our cocks in your white women and make light skined babys that you white guys have to take care of

  16. Dan Akan says:

    Obama is counting on them for his re-election, otherwise he doesn’t have a prayer.

  17. vidorria says:

    @oblivion2001 you said  it bro well said!!!!!!

  18. vidorria says:

    look  people if we are gonna talk trash about people to leave this country the n white people should leave too couse as far as i remember you guy’s came and did your share of damage so SHUT THE HELL UP OK?!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. MegaKingslove says:

    haci somos la raza!!!!!!!!mexicanos colombianos dominicanos salvadoreños somos el aguante de latinoamerica jejejeje !!!!AGUAS QUE HAY VIENE LA MIGRA!!!!!!

  20. robertkjjj says:

    we should just shoot you all instead.
    Then you cant try again to sneak in.

  21. woody4thward says:

    they cant deport us all
    fuck the immigration

  22. djhomeyhater says:

    hey bitch if ur gonna post here hit the f-in SAP button,and gimme a burrito plz

  23. vdubfreak760 says:

    Anything4you05 you do have a point and I agree but couldn’t they kill the the goddamm beaners that are causing trouble like gang violence and shit, or deport them?

  24. vdubfreak760 says:

    I like the way people talk shit about mexicans all the time but here’s a newsflash to all you racists: we ain’t leaving!

  25. asdads says:


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  26. ars71sa says:

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  27. manuel says:

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    tnx for info….

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