Anonymous reveals Bank of America secrets

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Apr 12 2013

Par:AnoIA, A group linked to the hacktivist movement Anonymous, has released 14 GB of data that they say proves that Bank of America investing in spying. The…

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  1. abattoir101 says:

    Hey sexy lady, hey joe, summer in kingston, and uh, fuck you BOA

  2. Bobby Sanpaper says:

    Havey Americans are NOT the American bankers that is only a few people of society, stop spreading your DISINFO.

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  4. atthespeckofdawn says:

    HEY EVERYONE! Flag Bank of America commercial videos as misleading! Down vote them! Let them know what the people think!

    If they spy on you, watch porn. Lol

  5. atthespeckofdawn says:

    I flagged the new Bank of America commercials as misleading. They need to see public opinion.

  6. EyeWarnedYouB4 says:


  7. LilKing420s says:

    We will not stop.  Vox Anon! Vox Populi!

  8. MananasArma . says:

    I used to work for Bank of America… I hated the job and I hated to company. One day I decided to talk against the beliefs of boa and the way it’s evil. Next thing you know they have been trying to fire me… And they did… They were blaming me for things not being checked out and little things…. I don’t care. Bank of America is evil. I preached about evil and The Lord will continue to save me.

  9. havey234 says:

    MEMBER OF corrupt country particularly america usa fuckyou all american shit bulshit dawmyou what the fuckk go fuckkers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Daniel Allen says:

    We got the guy from the hangover. BofA your argument is invalid!!

  11. Conscious Mathmatics says:

    B of A just wants to know where the money is, all there research is for ways to profit. there strategy of making good loans is from studying the customers private life.

  12. Playboysmurf1 says: of text actually is quite alot of information.

  13. TheFunfun61 says:

    At least we are learning some of the real news, unlike that of the lame stream media who tells us basically NOTHING of what is going on. I don’t want entertainment, but what is real. I am not scared of Russia. In fact, the only people we should be concerned about is the shadow government. You know, the ones who really run the country?

  14. TheFunfun61 says:

    I am so glad I am not banking there! They are horrible TO BIG TO FAIL needs to FAIL.

  15. Marian Sax says:

    Vaffanculo !

  16. jackbios1 says:

    NEW – search – Anonymous – Message to the People of the World

  17. Skibum Willy says:

    Here’s an answer, something specific we can demand, protest for, and adopt ourselves! Spread it around! If this isnt the best answer, at least we’re thinking about what might be. What if we were really just this close to having it work right?

    Oh yeah, it’s a Ski movie thing. Watch “Occupying Chairlifts” on Youtube!

    Over a few calls, an inheritance cap is discussed as a fair way to transition forward to where we’re rewarded more for cooperating and creating instead of competing, conquering.

  18. 99hamseine says:

    Yeah, it’s great, and it comes with a free virus!

  19. Renato Endrici says:

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  20. greezymuhfuh says:

    Every time I see a vid from RT it’s about US corruption/downfall. And you fools eat this stuff up like hot cakes. Get brains.

  21. greezymuhfuh says:

    RT = modern soviet cold war prop. Machine. Wake the fuck up ppl. These are all soviet agents. Don’t be so gullible. Got damn!

  22. PositiveMindNews says:

    Bank Of America: A disabled vet & his family fighting for there home!!!

  23. alldaybored1 says:

    everyone boycott bank of America bunch of stealing punks

  24. Lexington Steele says:

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  25. HOORVT says:

    There will be Change or there will be Chaos.

  26. harvey says:

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  28. Ralph says:

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  29. ars71sa says:

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  30. theodore says:

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  31. ron says:

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