Oil Filter Suppressor

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Apr 18 2013

Yep, it should be called the “Foxworthy Suppressor”! Check it out. Hope you’re going to be at your state capital this Saturday (January 19th)! http://www.cad…

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  1. rezz1997 says:

    How´╗┐ well will this work on an ak47?

  2. neotroncs says:

    LOL, well we have never fought for it to go away so I am to blame just as much as all other Americans. Until we stop talking about it and do some action you are to blame you are to blame too. I own two suppressor that´╗┐ only cost me cost of material and a $200.00 dollar tax stamp. So little under $500.00 for me sounds great since I’m not spending $400.00 to $1000.00 for someone to sell me one that is mass produced and they charge 50 to 100 time more than the cost of material cost or more 4 labor.

  3. John handcock says:

    BE HAPPY? why should we pay the goverment to supress a weapon its like´╗┐ paying them to breath oxygen…

  4. neotroncs says:

    From what the company says you are suppose to use the filter that comes with the attachment. They say that the filter and attachment are both stamped with the same serial number so you are not suppose to use any other filter. Can I ask if that is true??? I only ask because you are not using the filter that they sell with the attachment. I love the ideal of being able to have a ready to go suppressor at any time. This would be something´╗┐ I would invest in for my firearms.

  5. neotroncs says:

    be happy that it has not´╗┐ gone up that price has been the same since 1934!

  6. mike miles says:

    can you get one with a´╗┐ scope?

  7. jsm42050 says:

    Try a diesel truck´╗┐ oil filter but they r super heavy for a supressor

  8. Gary Mann says:

    Nice cheap way for a suppressor!´╗┐

  9. silentwithabigstick says:

    a buddy of mine tried one of these setups on a 5.56 with a Fram filter. didn’t hold up, and blew all the debris´╗┐ back into the action and seized up the bolt. Anyone know of a stronger filter than Fram?

  10. eggyknap says:

    The adapter to fit the threads on your barrel and the threads on the filter is the bit you pay the NFA tax stamp on, and register with the ATF. It seems like a fairly simple device to build, though the effective legality of doing so may vary depending´╗┐ on exactly which ATF agent gets wind of your creation.

  11. Sam Maggard says:

    LOL shocking.. a´╗┐ 1911 failure.

  12. jrtaylor219 says:

    Not sure thats´╗┐ legal… Cant say i care though

  13. collin visser says:

    what part
    of tennessee´╗┐ are you from?

  14. AnonymousGuns says:

    so do´╗┐ i

  15. Brendan O'Neal says:

    hey ive got that exact same savage .22´╗┐ accutrigger

  16. Squiggle007minor says:

    It’s kind of like christmas´╗┐

  17. youtoberful says:

    how´╗┐ to aim ??

  18. sargentak47dude1 says:

    are they California legal?´╗┐

  19. JacobMcandles says:

    Isn’t it dangerous to fire a bullet into that filter the first time? Looks like it´╗┐ would rickoch’e inside it or something. :/

  20. PercivalPale says:

    Get in the zone;´╗┐ Hickok Zone.

  21. netzkmartin says:

    Hickok been doin some pot smoking´╗┐ lately

  22. Hank Hill says:


  23. John handcock says:

    y do you have to pay the´╗┐ goverment 200 bucks for a silencer..??? just another way to rape americans

  24. preston pickett says:

    I’ll go pick´╗┐ one up at my local VatoZone

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