Under 0bamacare, why will illegal aliens receive healthcare instead of senior citizens?

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May 18 2010

0bamacare provides healthcare for illegal aliens, but Barry has indicated that seniors would need to “take a pain pill” instead of receiving a pacemaker…

This DENIES healthcare for a lifelong tax paying citizen for an illegal entrant into the country… Ain’t 0bamacare great?

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  1. kaitoboado says:

    Why don’t you go read the bill, and get back to us.


  2. Endeavor says:

    No. The better question is, why are you lying about this? Are you afraid to have an honest discussion on healthcare? Do you really think anyone is buying your fearmongering? Newsflash, they’re not.

  3. Anthony B says:

    Impeach that jerk already!!!!

  4. Darwin says:

    I have not read nor heard this other than from Republicanazis who are in the pockets of lobbyists.

  5. warren peace says:

    it will kill the elderly,force us to pay for abortion,fine us if we don’t sign on and put a illegal in front of you in a doctors office.yes this is their plan.obama said in his press conference that the ladies grand mother wouldn’t get treatment.then wouldn’t answer the question if he would put his family on the same thing.

  6. Gwen says:

    Obama’s counting on minority votes/support. Remember when the elderly were assisted into voting booths in November, and a few came out complaining that the people who assisted them didn’t let them vote they way they had wanted to?

    The current treatment of seniors in America is appalling at best, and illegal & unethical at the worst. I always admired cultures who revered their elders, not pushed them closer to the end by denying coverage.

  7. Arnold Slick from Turtle Crick says:

    I heard that obama wants global health care since we are citizens of the world, but he would only be able to provide health care for people between the ages of 25-30 because that’s all the rich people in American can afford j/k
    / truth
    He doesn’t care enough about people in this country but he wants to look good in the world so that when he retires and travels the globe he will be accepted everywhere. At least that’s the impression that I get.

  8. iwasnotanazipolka says:

    Show this, cite specifically where it says that, don’t just claim it’s in the bill. We’re getting pretty sick of GOP/Rush/FOX lies about health care.

  9. Whoopsie says:

    People are such morons. Nobody understands history or even current events, for that matter. Look at England, Canada and Germany! You have to make an appointment seven months in advance if you want to see a doctor! People will go along with whatever is the collective group agreement without any knowledge of their actions. Comrade Obama is going to be the death of our rapidly falling nation. Lets see if he opts for the trademark Holy Dictator Mustache, like our good communist friend Comrade Stalin.

  10. Gates's Mama says:

    Because he likes the complexion of the illegals more.

  11. Bamford1000 says:


    Making an appointment 7 months in advance, where do Americans get this rubbish from.

    I am sorry but I am from England and if I need to see my doctor, I either make an appointment for the next day or go down to the walk in clinic the very same day. The Doctors surgery is new and modern and I am generally seen very quickly. If I require to see a specialist, the doctor can make one for me via the computer system, and there are now maximum waiting times within the NHS, such as a two week maximum waiting time for suspected cancer patients to see a Consultant, and if this time is not met the NHS has to pay for you to go private.


    Honestly why do some Americans come up with such rubbish, or are they just spoon fed such inaccuracies by insurance companies and other money making corporations.



  12. Nikki says:

    Hmmm good question. He can buy both their votes. Maybe he figures they’ll be more IIs to vote for him. Or maybe figures it’ll cost less. But why should he care about old americans when he can buy all those mexican votes.

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