Illegal Aliens At Martha’s Vineyard

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Jul 13 2010

Marthas Vineyard is having a heck of a time with illegal aliens driving without licenses. Who is responsible for this mess? This video provided by please visit and support them.

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  1. norfolkyngvie says:

    8 hours community service is the typical fine/punishment for most of the Vineyard’s illegals busted for driving violations – including DUI, accidents, damage to property.

    In other words, not a deterrent in the slightest.

    Unregistered – 8 hours; Uninsured – 8 hours. Very frustrating to see the court cases out here.

    BTW, Brazilians are not wet-backs. They are “Brazilians”. They are not the problem, unethical American employers are.

  2. SandyReis1 says:

    I think everyone should have licenses and insurance no matter what their status is-that way our roads will at least be safer.

  3. MalarchyAnarchy says:

    Hey…SpaceGhost! Its not about anybody’s race here, its about how this illegal alien got busted for this, and NOBODY in our justice system even seemed to notice that this person wasn’t even a legal citizen of the US. I understand your position though, you think everything is about race. It isn’t. Its about who belongs here and who doesn’t. I don’t want the government checking into who I am all the time, but if I commit a crime? Isn’t it customary to verify my identity?

  4. MrSpaceghost1234 says:

    YEAH! It IS ridiculous! Its ridiculous to think that there are still ancient artifacts out there, like you, who still believe that minorities are the only ones who drive without insurance. What brand of racist moron are you?

  5. charlenemaciel says:

    I useto tell my children RULES apply to everyone. Life in Oak Bluffs has taught me thats not so….Now I’ve been telling them to do what they feel is right, just dont get caught if its NOT ~

  6. CaJeffO says:

    Most don’t understand how significant this really is. Until one of your friends are killed by people whom customarily drink & drive. I know some of those dead. One girl was raped at 12 years old in her own bed. One was given Hepatitus “D”.

    See this video playlist:
    IllegalImmigrationCrisis. com

    youtube. com/view_play_list?p=950C4429394204FC

    WAKE UP – at least 10 americans die weekly from this very crime.

  7. frizzyfrizzle says:

    Local police don’t enforce federal immigration laws because of the principle of federalism, which refers to our country’s overlay of a federal government system over the sovereign states. One of the results of this system is that federal law enforcement enforces federal law, and state law enforcement enforces state law. Instead of posting ignorant comments, maybe some of you people should spend a few minutes reading the Constitution and being thankful that our Forefathers were smarter than you.

  8. sk83rJT says:


  9. arijustiniano says:

    I laughed when I saw Mr. Geno Courtney, this guy is one of the most wealthy guy in Martha´s Vineyard, and he spent a night in jail because he was shoplifting, can you belive it? Man, remenber, if you point one finger to somebodyelse, you´re pointing three to yourself, thief.

  10. MrJohnmorrison says:

    Mr Gotveggieoil, you need to choose you words better! Debris? It? if you are talking about your self or maybe your family okay! but don’t go on calling people that you don’t even know those things! are you sure your grand parents were Americans?

  11. MarlboroRights says:

    fucking wetbacks

  12. wavecats772 says:

    Okay, on most state arrest affidavits, a citizenship status must be completed. Are these people not being arrested for misdemeanor traffic violations? And who’s hiring these folks? Martha’s Vineyard is a pretty expensive place to live.

  13. grandbbq says:

    The illegal aliens invade every nook and cranny of our country. Be careful they just might crawl up your rear end and claim it belongs to them. Imagine this tiny Island being invaded. How nuts.

  14. seriouslysad says:

    The Cops will tuck a traffic ticket under the straps off a critical accident victim, but they won’t takes steps to stop Illegal Aliens from driving! They give them a ticket and they leave the state and return with a new identity!

  15. borderraven says:

    You are correct. Read 32CFR215. Local government has responsibility to enforce laws at the local level, and reduce the need for citizens to riot in order to defend our rights.

  16. borderraven says:

    Local cops have authority to ask for ID and verify citizenship, granted under their oath, and per Article IV Section 4 of the US Constitution, because the “United States” mentioned refers to the states united by the Constitution. People need to realize Article IV is about the sovereign states united by the Constitution. A simple solution to a complicated problem is the defeat of denial and the acceptance of responsibility. BR

  17. pkripper1972 says:

    boy! if you think it is bad there you adda come check it out in houston. yuk there, and yuk everwhere else especially in houston texas!!

  18. Willstruth says:

    It’s ignorance and folly such as this nonsense that has enabled illegal immigration to flourish and become so firmly entrenched in the first place!
    The problem has grown to such catastrophic proportions that it’s now touching every nook and cranny of American society!
    These people need to get off their soft asses and start doing something for America!

  19. USoSilly2Me says:

    Why do these people get the same rights as legal citizen’s?? This is totally insane..!!

  20. gotveggieoil says:

    As soon as they shipped this human debris back from where it came, the unemployment rate would drop like a prom dress (sorry…I could not help myself…I do not get to use that one often..hee hee)

  21. gotveggieoil says:

    Come on ya’ll…They want the fine money…The politicians care not about us natural born citizens.

  22. REWHBLCAIN says:

    I agree 10000%.

    Start using them for bait. lol

  23. MuddleVanHeck says:

    This is ridiculous! The residents need to demand the resignations of their local law enforcement officials for NOT protecting the well-being of their residents. Furthermore, the representatives need to craft legislation that FORCES ICE to do their job, at least until we have the opportunity to oust the current administration, including Janet Napolitano.

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