4409 — Tazed Pastor Rap Remix “Ode to Border Patrol”

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Sep 09 2010

I took Pastor Anderson’s awesome audio poem and remixed it with a beat. I now call him “Pastor A” Please donate to the Kokesh Revolution sign bomb at: www.donate2camerafraud.com Here is the original Pastor Anderson Poem. http Here is Pator Andersons Youtube channel: www.youtube.com Original Pastor Anderson beaton and tazed video. www.youtube.com 4409 Nazi Checkpoint confronted videos: 1. www.youtube.com 2. www.youtube.com 3. www.youtube.com 4. www.youtube.com . . Ode to Border Patrol On eastbound interstate 8 one night I encountered an all too familiar sight A random checkpoint, like youd expect to see In the USSR or Nazi Germany Why do I have to stop and show my papers. Hey! Arent we still in the USA? I havent crossed any borders today In fact, isnt Mexico 50 miles away? We have to search you, for our dog has said, Woof! Woof! He has drugs or a body thats dead! Id like to know what that means, if I may! But the dog was quickly ushered away And if were still living in a free nation Wheres your warrant upon oath or affirmation? Arent these the rights for which our forefathers died? Why not let them search you, if youve nothing to hide? This isnt liberty; the way you behave Would make the founding fathers roll over in their grave Dont you love America; what makes you so bold To trample the constitution youre sworn to uphold? Have Jefferson and Adams been forever replaced? By Janet Napolitanos ugly face! Has Homeland Security reached new heights That it supersedes the Bill

25 Responses

  1. rklcardinal says:

    I guess you like the cavity search.
    Comply, bitch.
    Soon you will give rise to a new pussified strain of DNA and be seconded to the shallow end of the gene pool….fool.
    So I guess you like guys in uniform…I mean they are all big and faintly reminisce of the authority fathers teach to their sons.
    The mistake you made was that you sexualized authority figures.
    Congratulations, you like giving yourself to the big men while they give you their attention.
    Nothing wrong with that……

  2. polskador says:

    You get what you diserve you nazi bastard fake pastor.

  3. polskador says:

    You get what you diserve you nazi bastard fake pastor.

  4. N1k1mon says:


    The Constitition is our Caeser and the government exists to PROTECT AND MAINTAIN INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, therefore it is a government and it’s police who are violating our rights who are not rendering into Caesar. We derive our inalienable rights from our creator, the constitution outlines these rights and govt is set up to enforce these rights of ours. You’ve still got the King/Subject, Master/Slave mentality that the founders were saving us from.

  5. N1k1mon says:


    You just don’t get it man, what these police are doing is illegal and I’m violation of the constitution, every person that gives in helps throw away our freedoms. By giving them consent to search he wouldn’t be able to take this matter to court, these matters need to be taken to court again and again until change is made. The police and Govt aren’t our Caesar, THE CONSTITUTION IS OUR CAESER, looks like you’re the one in violation, pal, what a fail.

  6. N1k1mon says:


    I assume the RP = Ron Paul?

    If so, I love that man! I’m no great political mind but I would give my left ear to have Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich in the White House based on what I’ve heard from DK, if he’s legit about all he says, they could really clean things up in 4 years, given 8 we’d have a brand new world.

  7. Kyouryuu5000 says:

    Janet Napolitano is ugly at 1:07.

  8. BobFibonacci says:

    What this guy did is not very Christian. He should have complied with them. Arizona is obviously in a state of emergency and police are under tremendous pressure.
    They really don’t need this guy wasting their time.If this guy is your Pastor find a new Church. Render unto Ceasar that which is Ceasars

  9. Viktir666 says:

    @TonesMerc He was obeying the constitution. Which should be superior to current laws. Trust me I have a seething hatred for christianity, but, that pastor didn’t deserve stitches. Why do you judge him? Don’t get me wrong. I would NEVER disobey an officer because I understand my government is corrupt and I don’t want stitches. But I have some compassion for that pastor because he’s a human being before a pastor.

  10. Viktir666 says:

    Great lyrics. I’m the opposite of a christian, but, that pastor didn’t deserve stitches. The pastor is mildly irritating but he’s still an innocent human in all of this.

  11. gunsmonkey22 says:

    I didn’t even notice how long ago this was….my bad

  12. gunsmonkey22 says:

    Liberals are with you too RP
    careful with that left right stuff
    your too good for that crap and you know it

  13. TheConspiracyRealist says:

    @minutemanaz Your a piece of shit minutemanaz. It seems you have no knowledge at all, very ignorant. Can’t wait till that boot is stomping on your face and shoving your head into broken glass.

  14. mssnrykd says:

    Arm up. 2nd Amendment is the only one that protects against a tyrannical government. Tyrannical Governments don’t care about pieces of paper. Guns deter, not paper. Remember, Guns don’t kill people, Liberals encouraging the weak to trust a piece of paper or a saying do.

  15. swinewarrior says:

    the tazer bit was great………..squaeling

  16. thesexywhitetrash says:

    hey there tonesMerc your a dumb shit and just showed us so!!! lmao at you!!! laws? there not laws there codes and ordinances. And theres no law that he was braking, there is only ten laws. and opening your window ant one of them.

  17. TonesMerc says:

    Aren’t pastors supposed to obey the laws of the land? Or are you just one of the million fake religious people who claim they have faith to get others to follow your bullshit cause? You fucking liberal. Die of a heart attack.

  18. tjm8787 says:

    Win :D

  19. TutsuoAikido says:

    For Freedom-The Remix Edition!

  20. TutsuoAikido says:

    Where did you find this instrumental mix? Thanks.

  21. TutsuoAikido says:

    Awesome video! I could imagine this poem as a rap song.

  22. leaddrop says:

    Can you say lawsuit? Seriously… you should have sued the fuck outta those pricks!!!

  23. superbeauthy says:

    big bullies

  24. suckmeyoufuckingnoob says:


  25. Sk8BoardTrucker says:

    knew it? how so? i suppose they could have assumed it considering he was a pastor..but they couldnt have known he was a pastor until he informed them…so the way i see it they had an agenda for what they wanted to do prior to knowing he was a pastor…welcome to homeland security america! isnt this what we want? any border checkpoint you come to in the USA (especially in Arizona) you are going to be subject to random searches..I guess we could racially profile if that makes you feel better!

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