Steven Seagal Joins Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Busting ILLEGAL Aliens

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Mar 20 2011

Steven Seagal Joins Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Busting Suspected ILLEGAL Immigrants The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office has launched another operation aimed at busting suspected illegal immigrants, drop houses and related illegal drug activity. Sheriff Joe Arpaio says up to 200 deputies and some of the 57 members of a newly formed illegal immigration enforcement posse will work the two-day operation. Actor Steven Seagal joined Arpaio Thursday afternoon as he kicked off the operation near Lower Buckeye Road and Durango Street.

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  1. macanas695 says:

    maldito perro y que los latinos les gustavan tus peliculas haora se golpean la cabesa,,, peor quisieran cortarsela

  2. Bokismoki77 says:

    @Ourdifferences Let me tell you what will happen. In 5-10 years there will be anti illegals laws everywhere in almost every state, city, county, even on the national level. Most of llegals will self deport and self deportation will be the solution for illegal immigration. Some sort of dreamact for the illegals that grew up here will be put in place even if republicans are in charge. Democrats will become more and more for anti illegal immigration laws as they are already in AZ and NJ.

  3. Bokismoki77 says:

    @Ourdifferences Illegals use emergency rooms and pay nothing. Tax payers pay for it plus we have quality of medical service degraded when too many people do not pay for. Illegals bring crimes into our neighborhoods. Have you been to any of those areas. Go there and see for yourself. Illegals send money to Mexico while that money is supposed to stay in the US economy. There are so many losses illegals cause to the society. Their kid’s school education is paid by us, American tax payers.

  4. Bokismoki77 says:

    @Ourdifferences I have lived in the South for very long time. I knew people that employed illegals in constructions and janitor services. I worked on construction sites myself and in restaurants where illegals are common workforce. None of illegals paid taxes. It is all cash paid. I also worked at a hotel where lots of illegals worked too. They all had fake SSN’s at hotels so those did paid taxes, but it is identity theft. 99% of illegals do not pay taxes no matter what you choose to believe in.

  5. Ourdifferences says:


    I’d be with you otherwise but, look it up. I did and its sicking that the goverment knows about this and they don’t inform people like you and me. illegals pay taxes and most do not claim tax refund “afraid of deportation”, and even if they do their taxes by the books the are not entitled to any of the credits, See form 4010EZ itin.
    So Most of them pay more taxes than what they are supposed to.

  6. Ourdifferences says:

    @Bokismoki77 Get you’r facts strait, illegals do pay taxes, every month it gets deducted from their checks just like you and me. Thats why the IRS created the ITIN system “for workers without social security numbers.

  7. garwoodv6 says:

    Every illegal captured & prosecuted helps reduce our tax burden and increase wages for all the LEGAL US residents/citizens. Supply and demand. If illegal employers have no choice, they will have to pay higher wages and legitimize their workforce, meaning more dollars flowing into taxes, social security, unemplyment insurance, Workman’s Comp. Insurance. Illegals working for cash under the table don’t pay into this but receive Emergency room, health clinics, food stamps, & welfare that WE pay for.

  8. fleiva30 says:

    this guy was my action movie hero… iven saw hard to kill twice at the theater when it came out in 1991 i was in jr high.. but i can believe hes also hunting my people like wild criminals..all there doing is working hard to provide for their families and making America super wealthy due to cheap labor….if Mr Seagal and Joe Arpaio want criminals.. then they should go after the people that hire undocumented immigrants..!!

  9. Adefesio94 says:

    @xxxxxxxpimptaddyone targets… Arizona, California. Texas. NEW Mexico… 99.9% complete.. we are gettin back our old states again! witouth guns :) just an ALIEN invasion! PUTOS!! :D

  10. LaCra63 says:

    Yeah, I would watch it one humdred times too…. lol Cause I dont think Seagal would win hahaha man I cant wait for the one…. Mexicans taking over I love How that Sounds ….. sweet …. It dont matter how many illegals you deport waste of money … latins are gona be the majority sorrrrrry….

  11. FuckNauiMexicaBS says:

    @glorbax You are an ignorant bastered. He’s been a Deputy in Louisana for over 25 years long before he made action films. Your just a washed up uneducated thug who cant obey our laws. Fuck you and the bitch who brought you into this world.

  12. Bokismoki77 says:

    Arpaio does great job. Illegals cost lots of tax-payers money. They use emergency rooms, send kids to schools, use infrastructure, and 99% of them do not pay any taxes. They even wire money to oversees while that money should stay within US to help US economy. American poors can not find jobs because of illegals. and end up on social welfare that all American taxpayers pay. These are hard facts and morons can not beat them, so they use racism us argument while victims are tax-payers.

  13. jvarela965 says:

    Segal is a horse’s Ass. He married actress Kelly Lebrock and ruined her life.

  14. mkj196965 says:

    @glorbax Seagal would beat the living shit out of you with one hand tied behind has back you fucking illegal loving asshole. Fuck you and all your pro illegal friends, your time is coming soon. 3 years ago there were tons pro illegal videos here on youtube, so what happen to all your whinning friends? :)

  15. mkj196965 says:

    So what if I spelled has name wrong. I guess we should just open borders and let them all in, would that make you happy asshole?

  16. glorbax says:

    @mkj196965 Stephen Seagal (learn to spell his fucking name, moron) is a fat sack of shit who wouldn’t be allowed in any police unit in the world if he wasn’t in some shitty action films. He’s a washed up, out of shape loser desperate for publicity.

  17. mkj196965 says:

    @goru426 no you are the idiot, Seagul is patriot that loves his country. Do love this country or are you just here to talk shit.

  18. mkj196965 says:

    no I do not think so you are the criminal

  19. xxxxxxxpimptaddyone says:

    @1abcrr1 If sheriff joe gets chuck norris to join the seagal posse that border is closed……chuck and steven = the ultimate posse

  20. 1abcrr1 says:

    @politicalsheepdog thats what i was thinking too . still he and some others could form ahem A possie in arizona to make conservative movies self funded of course. hope this venture goes well for him , and arizona.

  21. utubecenseorstruth says:

    we need more of this, i wish more patriots were around like these brave men like segal and sheriff joe

  22. SilveradoNL says:

    This sheriff is a CRIMINAL

  23. marine919 says:

    I wish we had a sheriff like Joe Arpaio and every state had a 100 like him and we could clean this country-up, once and forever!

  24. makeinstall says:

    Seagal must want to know the truth about the mexican invasion. I am glad someone from Hollywood is willing to take the trip and find out the facts first hand instead of talking out their asses and never even going to see the border.

  25. niamtxiv says:

    Whoot go Steven Seagal…. time to fight the aliens.

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