What’s the difference between illegal aliens and undocumented workers?

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Feb 02 2009

There seems to be uproar of people mentioning illegal aliens as a term. Is undocumented immigrant or worker a nicer way of saying it? Do people really cry over being called illegal?

Will illegal aliens help pay for universal healthcare or do they rest of us pay for it?

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  1. Right Wing Extremist says:

    No difference,it’s just that those unwilling to call them the Criminals they are prefer the term “Undocumented Worker”. But no matter which term you use,the reality is that they are a bunch of Criminals who should be rounded up and Deported.


  2. tonalc2 says:

    It’s semantics. The term “illegal aliens” taken in its literal grammatical sense means that an individual is “illegal,” rather than “here illegally.”

  3. Keaton421 says:

    It’s the same thing. The people who support illegal aliens can’t bring themselves to realize it’s a crime, so they say “undocumented worker”. We call them illegals, because that’s what they are – if they don’t like it, there’s one way to change it – GO HOME

  4. xcelix says:

    Only the intelligent people call them undocumented workers, but they are not “criminals” like most haters will themselves to believe. If they are really TOP CONTRIBUTORS, they should know better.

    About the Universal Health Care, hey, we ALL pay taxes, so…

  5. Calvierto says:

    No difference, illegel=illegal and undocumented=illegal.

  6. Al says:

    Does not make too much of a difference in the eyes of the Law and Law abided Citizens. The word Illegal means Illegal means Illegal!
    Whatever is Illegal must be taken care with accordingly.

  7. Donna says:

    Actually ‘illegal’ means different things as far as immigration goes. It can mean someone who ’sneaked’ across the boarder. It can mean someone who came with a visa and it has expired. It can mean someone who obtained a visa, but on fraudulent grounds, then INS discovered the fraud.

    ‘Undocumented worker’ is a person from a foreign country who never obtained permission to enter the US.Then once inside the US is working without permission.

    Anyone who undocumented can be called an illegal. However an illegal does not mean they were not documented.


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