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Goodbye Blue Sky – America’s Wall Rising

Illegal Aliens | Posted by Admin
Feb 23 2013

A chilling montage of political events and issues over the last couple of years which brings into perspective the danger America currently faces. Our constitution is under attack with the blessings of the main stream media, and all hope is resting on the individual voter becoming well informed on what is taking place around them. Is it too late?

Border Patrol Harrasing Blue Devil_Episode 133_Blue Devil Productions

Illegal Aliens | Posted by Admin
Nov 01 2012

This video is from 2006 ,as you can see in the video I was getting harassed for no aperent reason.!

Angélica Blue Jeans.wmv

MAIA | Posted by Admin
Jun 06 2012

Angélica cantando Blue Jeans no antigo programa da Hebe