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How to add a border to a video! (HD)

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Apr 10 2013

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Border Patrol Bail Out

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Apr 06 2013

Tonks bail from a vehicle after being stopped.

Crossing Mexico’s Other Border

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Apr 04 2013

When traveling from Central America to the United States through Mexico, immigrants are forced to battle drug cartels, corrupt police officers, and human tra…

UK Border Agency’s former head Lin Homer accused of leadership failure

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Mar 25 2013

One of Britain’s most senior civil servants, Lin Homer, has been accused by MPs of “catastrophic leadership failure” during the four-and-a-half years she spe…

Black Ops | Open Lobby | Border Patrol

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Mar 21 2013

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Beretta 92FS Custom “Border Marshal” Review

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Mar 11 2013

The M-92FS Border Marshal version was produced only for a short time during 2000; Beretta 92FS Border Marshal semi-auto pistol–made in USA by Beretta USA. The Border Marshal is a special collector’s edition from the Beretta Elite Team Pistol series. It has a heavy-duty Brigadier slide with removable tritium night sights, radiused back strap, rubber grips, a 4.7″ barrel, weighs 35.3 oz. empty, and has a capacity of 15+1. Shown here is the 9mm Parabellum version, but it also comes in .40 S&W (the Beretta 96). It is a favorite among law enforcement officials such as the INS who chose it to be carried by Border Patrol Agents. The M9 variant was chosen by the US military because of its unsurpassed reliability, inherent accuracy, and ergonomic design. Made in Year 2000. – Heavy Slide – Dovetailed sights – Factory Night sights – 9mm(which AFAIK is the rare version) – The trigger is MUCH better than my Italian FS – All metal parts, no plastic on this baby – Shorter barrel than a standard 92(IIRC) – Apparantly only 2000 of these were produced

Customs & Border Protection Report: Rescue Beacons

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Mar 09 2013

The U.S. Border Patrol has deployed two new rescue beacons that agents say will allow immigrants in distress to call for help. The Border Patrol’s Irma Chapa…

Restore Our Border – The Plan

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Mar 01 2013

The Arizona Cattlemen’s Association has developed a plan to restore the Southern border. Here it is, from KGUN-9, the Tucson, AZ ABC affiliate: 1. The judicial and law enforcement systems, which handle prosecution of these criminal activities, shall recognize and apply an enforcement mechanism that provides for the prosecution of illegally crossing into the US over the Border, for the first time, as a felony barring any person from ever working or receiving residency visa status in the US No exceptions. 2. Immediately deploy operational units of the US Military to the Arizona/Mexico Border. Station overwhelming Border Patrol / Military blocking force denying illegal entry at the Border. 3. Establish permanent Forward Operating Bases (FOB) immediately adjacent to the US border with Mexico. (Suggesting at least one FOB every 12 miles) 4. Overhaul and add teeth to the “Pursuit and Apprehension” policies for Law Enforcement to assure deterrence and protect US residents and State authorities from potential harm. In the first instance, authorize the US Military, Border Patrol, State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies to use these beefed up policies to enforce existing laws. 5. Authorize the use of force in the interdiction of vehicles and aircraft illegally crossing the US Mexico Border. Empower the Local Law Enforcement leaders to adjust policies to meet conditions on the ground and not rely only upon inflexible procedures preventing Border Security. 6. Enforce all existing

Arizona: Border Danger Zone (Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge)

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Feb 19 2013 The Buenos Aires National Refuge on the AZ border. One of the most pristine birding areas in the US And a border danger zone. In 1 year. 5 homicides, 2 rapes, 30 armed robberies – the crime report of a small city, but this in a corridor just 5 miles wide, with 2-4000 illegals streaming in per DAY. The Feds have sent a few hundred Guard troops – but they are unarmed or forbidden to fire or even intervene in a crime. Big Sis Janet claims the border is more secure than ever. But ask these folks who come home to illegals in their living rooms and ask them. Secure the Border…period! There is nothing else to discuss in DC until that is accomplished.

Blackout: Border Cover-Up: Part I, The Two Mile Miracle CX

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Feb 15 2013

The real story behind the border fence told by American Border Patrol, the only organization in America that actually flies the border and reports what it sees.