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The Alex Jones Show Hour 1: Congress Controlled by International Mobsters 1/4

Illegal Aliens | Posted by Admin
Mar 03 2013

alex breaks down hour 1 how Washington DC is controlled by the International Bakers and thier Global Mobster friends. Alex also covers the latest on the new immigration law in AZ, and goes on a news blitz.

Obama and Congress outlawing parts of the 1st Amd! Well, Hail to the king then! HR347

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May 05 2012

It’s nice that at a time when our nation is collapsing economically, the white house and congress are passing a bill which outlaws us to stand anywhere near them, gee I wonder why? Could it be that 300 million Americans are screwed because of governmental mismanagement of the most industrious nation on earth? What’s next anyway? Maybe they’ll invest in having the border patrol set up a barricade around all of DC and just make it for the aristocracy!

Obama Threatens “Amnesty” by Executive Order if Congress Doesn’t Pass Immigration Reform!!

Illegal Aliens | Posted by Admin
Jun 14 2011

Alex breaks down the latest on Obama threatening to us executive order to give 20 million “illegal aliens” full amnesty if congress doesn’t pass immigration reform bill.

What is your opinion of this letter to Congress? Should thousands send this on May Day?

MAIA | Posted by Admin
Feb 08 2009

It appears that the illegals and their traitor enablers are not happy that I post this on Yahoo; well that is too damn bad! I am a Citizen of the United States of America and I will not self censor to appease some illegals or the PC sissies that suck up to them. I will exercise my RIGHT to communicate with others: Terms of service be damned to hell! SO I ask again who will send this to Congress on May 1st with me, in protest against the illegals and the enbalers that are ruining our Nation? WIll you stand with Our Nation, will you at least voice a protest or will you just allow the invaders from the third world to displace you and have what your forefathers built from the wilderness? It is that simple!

To Whom it may Concern:

I have been cognizant of the fact that there seems to be a lot of
confusion in Washington D. C. about what the Citizens as a whole and the Citizens that you–personally–represent in the Congress of the
United States of America, think on the issue of Immigration. Allow me to present to you, what is my own, and a growing active Majority of Citizens view of the matter.

A. We are extremely frustrated with your seemingly inability to find, apprehend, and deport those that are here illegally. Especially as We commoners, can see that it is just an easy matter of targeting people
that parade down the street with another countries flag, at least as a good place to begin the matter in earnest. Moreover We poor, middle and not-so-poor Americans are capable of seeing that is is Mexicans
that make up the vast numbers of the illegal alien population. So here is a hint: Target Mexicans for enhanced enforcement. Also PUNISH employers of illegal labors, and CUT ALL social services to ALL
Illegals! This is doable. It will work, I promise. Totally deportation and/or self-repatriation of all illegals is the goal.

B. From a moral view point We are upset that you are incapable of seeing the rank hypocrisy of rewarding people that–in essence–trespass on Our Nation. You are rewarding law breaking illegal aliens. For no matter why they are here they are not here
legally; thus, they are breaking the law. At yet the same time you punish the Citizens of this Nation, by forcing them with decree,taxes, and usury to pay for the housing, medicine,clothing and food of
these unwelcome invaders and interlopers. Why?

I invite you to take this opportunity to see this right, by proposing legislation that will:

1–Penalize states that receive federal money for any purpose what-so-ever, AND that use the money in any manner what-so-eve for illegal aliens, to receive services. Thus ending all benefits to
illegals. And by all benefits, I mean to say any benefit that is payed for with the taxes of Citizens of the Several States. In other words any social service!

2–Revokes the federal tax exempt status of any charity, church or other private tax exempt organization that aids illegal aliens while
they are violating Our immigration laws by being in Our Nation, AND, that makes any person or persons that provide such aid liable for a
felony. One that will encompass a five(5) year maximum sentence and/or up to a $100,000 fine. Also We want this Strictly Enforced, swiftly and throughly; half-measures simply will not do, We want Our Whole
Nation and We want Our Nation back Now.

3–Seals Our borders, simply by ceasing to guard Korea and Germany -they serve no purpose to We the People – and placing those units of the Army on the Mexican border and using them to stop all illegal
crossings of the border. Be they of people, guns, dope or other ‘un-nice’ items that are daily smuggled across Our Southern Border. Why are We defending Germanies border; and Korea, and Japan, when We can
not or will not defend Our Own Borders? Madness,I say!

4–Ends decades of soft enforcement on employers of illegal aliens by passing legislation that makes it possible to seize ALL assets of any owner or officer of the offending companies, and by allowing for, and
encouraging by way of grants to law enforcement anonymous tipping, as a means of locating this persons that encourage illegals to come here. Moreover,the laws on the books need to be enforced and enforced without stint until this is not a significant problem. Vigilance is the key to this problem.

5-Clarifies the meaning of the 14th amendment so as to EXCLUDE all birthright Citizenship where Both Parents are not Citizens of one of the Several States at the time of the child’s birth. Moreover all children born of illegal aliens are illegal aliens; and as such will
be deported to the mothers country of origin, as soon as is medically possible-not more than 72 hours after birth. (If my mother could go home in less than 24, an illegal should be happy with, no grateful
that they get more!!) Thus ending Birthright Citizenship that is so draining Our resources!

6–That makes a provision that states that if the illegals attempt to resist lawful authority that all means necessary to carry this law into effect will be legal, lawful and no court will have jurisdiction
over any complaint arising from the enforcement of this act. They will have to obey the Law, and that is the ‘what for’ of that. We rule this Nation and not the nationals of alien and foreign lands.

This is Our Nation, not illegals and not employers of illegals: And You Work For Us! As I say, therefore, I challenge you – Congressman – to have the courage necessary to save this country from becoming the third world as it surely will unless the borders are sealed and the unwelcome guests are sent home. Be part of the
solution and not part of the Politically Correct Problem.

You will fix this or you will be looking for a new job.

Thank You and have a nice day,

(Your Name)Send to ALL your states Federal Reps and Senators on May Day.

ILLEGAL ALIENS WILL BE COVERED UNDER OBAMACARE Congress Woman Sheila Jackson Lee Democrat Texas

Illegal Aliens | Posted by Admin
Feb 07 2009

Congress woman Shelia Jackson Lee Democrat from Texas explains how Congress will force through coverage for Illegal Aliens under Obama Health Care and also Legalize the 15 Million Illegal Aliens already in the USA. THESE PEOPLE MUST BE STOPPED BEFORE THAT BLOCK OF ILLEGAL ALIENS GETS THE RIGHT TO VOTE. ILLEGAL ALIENS HAVE MARCHED IN OUR CITIES IN THE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS Many if not all illegal aliens could not get into our country legally so they cheated the system. They and their children whether they were brought here or born in the USA of Illegal Alien Parents must be depatriated and sent back to their home country. If you come here illegally and have a child that child should not be a US Citizen and the parent should not be able to use that child as leverage to stay in the USA or Get Citizenship. YOU DO NOT START YOUR NEW LIFE BY COMMITTING A FELONY BY CROSSING THE BORDER WITH INTENT TO STAY THAT ACT ALONE IS ENOUGH TO BAN YOU FROM EVER GETTING CITIZENSHIP NO PERSON WHO HAS COMMITTED A FELONY CAN BECOME AN AMERICAN. THIS MUST BE STOPPED OR THIS WILL CAUSE THE DESTRUCTION OF OUR COUNTRY