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Battlefield 3: Sniper Gun Game

Border Patrol | Posted by Admin
Apr 16 2013

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Rush Borda Ft. Young Bossi, Ampichino & Boy Big – All In The Name Of The Game

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Feb 23 2013

Track 1 From Rush Borda – Border Patrol WeMFR.Com 2012

Michael Myers Game Cancelled

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Nov 21 2012

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New Game Mode: Angry Shot (Modern Warfare 3)

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Oct 14 2012

Find out when you can watch the show live by following me on Twitter or subscribing to my email list: So here’s our SECOND try of our new custom game mode, Angry Shot. It’s named after the first two winners: Art Thou Angry and Artistic Shot. The first game, which I’ll post on Friday – was a little messy. This second match went a bit more smoothly, so I want to post this first. I enjoy this mode a lot personally – especially as it matures into the later rounds. It’s also a very fast game to play. If you have smart gameplay suggestions, post them in the comments. Or just like the good ideas from others. I feel like this still needs some fine tuning, but we’ll make it better as we play it more. More links: Our forums: Our FB Page: My other Youtube channel:

James Cameron’s Avatar: Video Game Review S1E3

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Apr 07 2012 Click this to watch Avatar The Game Multiplayer Trailer! James Cameron’s Avatar: Video Game Review S1E3 Today we are checking out the movie to game adaptation for James Cameron’s Avatar The Game. The movie has been hyped to be an amazing cinema experience. The question is. can Avatar The Game deliver a great gaming experience or will it fall into the humdrum of most movie games? Let’s find out. FOR MORE MACHINIMA GOTO: TAGS: yt:quality=high James Cameron’s Avatar video game Cameron Camerons Ubisoft Montreal UPC 008888525431 008888685432 8888345435 Microsoft Windows 7 Vista XP PC XBox 360 XBox360 X360 PS3 Playstation [3] Playstation3 MPN 52543 video game review vgr videogamereview

GTA IV Angels Of Death Game Type Border Patrol

Border Patrol | Posted by Admin
Dec 13 2011

This is a little game that we play once in a while, called Border Patrol. One team is the Mexicans and the other team is the Border Patrol. The Border Patrol guard a bridge connecting Alderney and Algonquin, The Mexicans have to cross that bridge to get into Algonquin. In this video the Mexicans use the “no blip glitch” to fool the border patrol. To perform this glitch, stand on a middle-sized car or object of the same height and press RB. If done correctly, your character should assume the cover position while sliding off the car and walk a few steps after hitting the ground, like in the video.

Butters Stotch “Game On” Eric Cartman

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Oct 22 2011

โ†’ โ†’ โ†’ โ†’ โ†’ โ†’ โ†’ โ†’ โ†’ โ†’ โ†’ โ†’ โ†’ โ†’ South Park Season 15 Episode 1509 ~ The Last of the Meheecans South Park Season 15 Episode 9 ~ The Last of the Meheecans South Park Season 15 ~ The Last of the Meheecans The boys play “Texans vs. Mexicans” at a sleepover at Cartman’s house, a game in which the “Mexicans” (led at first by Butters, and then Kyle due the others seeing the former not a good leader) attempt to elude the “border patrol” (led by Cartman) and cross the border into Texas (Cartman’s backyard). All of the boys successfully do so except for Butters, who becomes lost. His absence goes unnoticed by the rest of the group. Cartman, believing that the game has been lost, becomes dejected. It was only while waking up from a nightmare that Cartman realizes that Butters never returned and thus the game is not over. He wakes the rest of the group. Concerned, they begin searching for their missing friend while Cartman and his crew resume protecting the backyard. As it turned out, while attempting to reach Cartman’s house at night during a snowstorm, Butters is struck by a vehicle. The couple in the vehicle, believing Butters to be a Mexican immigrant named “Mantequilla”, take him to their home and employ him as a stereotypical Mexican servant, giving him menial jobs to perform such as cleaning windows and washing dishes. However, the couple eventually abandons Butters at a Mexican restaurant, believing that Butters needs to be with his “own kind” to be happy

Call of Duty 4 and Modern Warfare 2 – Border Patrol Game

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Nov 26 2010

Directions on how to play. Please read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One guy that is on the spetznaz team goes on top of Granny’s house. The SAS team starts at the spawn goes over the bridge through the barn through the field in the building and in the other building then under the other bridge and to the gas station and then you can shoot the guy on the building. Please click on this link to watch this video.