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LOU DOBBS TONIGHT 03.05.07 – Violent Illegal Alien Gangs

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Feb 27 2013

MS-13, La Mara Salvatrucha and other violent gangs that follow on to migrations of illegal aliens is detailed in Lou’s broadcast

Fast and Furious: US Armed Sinaloa Drug Cartel in Exchange For Info on Rival Gangs

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Nov 19 2012

‘Fast and Furious: US Armed Sinaloa Cartel in Exchange for Info on Rival Gangs’ By Kris Zane Jesus Vicente Zambada-Niebla, the Sinaloa Cartel’s logistics coordinator, now in US custody, states that Fast and Furious wasn’t about tracking guns in order to take down Mexican drug cartels, but about SUPPLYING drug cartels with guns—specifically and exclusively the Sinaloa Cartel. In a motion submitted by his lawyer, Zambada-Niebla makes the startling claim that the Sinaloa Cartel was supplied guns by the US government in exchange for information on rival Mexican cartels. Not only did the Sinaloa Cartel get a steady stream of AK-47s, but were given carte blanche to traffic billions of dollars of drugs into the US It was just a matter of business. One could call it the Chicago Way—taking out one’s competition: the US government would intercept and arrest rival gangs with Sinaloa Cartel “agents’” info, and the Sinaloa Cartel would take up the slack. The US government looked good, winning the drug war, apprehending the bad guys. And the Sinaloa Cartel made billions. Of course the government got to then blame US gun dealers for arming the drug cartels and call for stricter gun control. We could call it a win-win-win situation. Of course it was illegal as hell. But that never stopped the Obama Administration before. Is that what are in the documents Obama is keeping from the public eye with his blanket Executive Privilege over tens of thousands of Fast and

Mexican Gangs Taking Over America !!!!!!!!!!

Illegal Aliens | Posted by Admin
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