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Chelene Nightingale for Governor

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Feb 25 2013

On September 29th, 2010, Peter Racz of Valley Springs invited Candidate for California Governor Chelene Nightingale to speak at a luncheon and a town hall meeting in Valley Springs, California. She took a moment to talk to the camera about her views on the issues facing both Calaveras County and the State.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s New Ad “These Warning Signs Are NOT Enough”

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Dec 25 2012

Please Comment, Rate, & Subscribe Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s NEW Ad

President Douchebag Obama Will FINALLY Meet With Arizona Governor Jan Brewer! ABOUT FREAKING TIME!

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Nov 23 2012

You Go Girl! Please Comment, Rate, & Subscribe! Are you a proud American? Please join the Facebook group called STOP Illegal Immigration & Secure OUR Borders NOW! Invite ALL of your Facebook friends! Here is the link

Michael Savage on Jan Brewer, Governor of Arizona

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Nov 19 2012

Savage discusses Governor Brewer and takes a caller who describes the brutal way Mexico deals with illegal aliens. From the 29 April, 2010 edition of “The Savage Nation”

NM Governor Martinez Order Permits AZ-Style Immigration Checks

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Jul 16 2012 New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez ordered the reversal of the state’s “sanctuary status,” which prohibited law enforcement from asking criminal suspects about their citizenship. You know she did the right thing by watching this hilariously biased news report, as well as the panicked response of the state’s illegal alien advocates. God bless you, Governor Susana Martinez! Shop at SWA Store: Twitter: