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Haitians Face Illegal Entry Charges In Vermont

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Mar 19 2013

The U.S. Border Patrol said officers have arrested more than 100 people from Haiti for allegedly illegally entering Vermont from Canada since the massive ear…

LOU DOBBS TONIGHT 03.05.07 – Violent Illegal Alien Gangs

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Feb 27 2013

MS-13, La Mara Salvatrucha and other violent gangs that follow on to migrations of illegal aliens is detailed in Lou’s broadcast

Elections, campaign & illegal immigrants

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Feb 21 2013

More and More lies from Corporate American media against illegal immigrants. of the most effective ways to create resentment, hatred and “distraction” from US involvement in other Global political, economical and political issues is blaming Immigrants for every misfortune in America.

Illegal Alien Kills Cobb Deputy driving without a license

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Feb 03 2013

The Georgia Senate passes legislation to crack down on unlicensed drivers. Senator John Wiles, author of the bill, and the widow of Deputy Lauren Lilly discuss why this law is so needed.

Sheriff Richard Jones on Illegal Immigration

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Feb 01 2013

An Ohio Sheriff is billing the government for housing illegal immigrants in his jail. This straight talking Sheriff is also pushing legislation to deal with illegal aliens at the state level.

Dr. Gene Rogers and the illegal alien hospital crisis

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Jan 26 2013

This is an excellent interview by Californians for Population Stabilization with Dr. Gene Rogers, former Medical Director, Indigent Services, County of Sacramento. Dr. Rogers exposed the staggering financial burden placed upon hospitals (and US Citizens) when forced to offer free care for illegal aliens. Dr. Rogers subsequently lost his job. For more information, see .

ATF Enabling Illegal US Gun Traffic to Mexico!!!

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Jan 12 2013

Video Courtesy of CBS News: I’ve been following this story since I had heard about it a few weeks ago. IA Senator Chuck Grassley had put together an investigation after allegations had surfaced that the ATF was enabling the illegal gun trade to Mexico: One of these “Project Gunrunner” guns was used to murder US Border Patrol agent Brian Terry The ATF had claimed that “90%” of the illegal guns in MX came from the US – apparently they were on to something

Illegal immigrants cash cow for corporations

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Dec 29 2012

Illegal immigration facilities have been increasing profits with anti-immigration laws. These same companies are asking for even tougher, stricter immigration bills to keep their facilities at capacity. Over 2 million Immigrants are being held captive in private prisons and these corporations get $45 to $130 per detainee. Marina Portnaya investigates.

Why Not Stop Illegal Immigration? Ask David Aguilar

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Dec 07 2012

Andy Ramirez, national correspondent for Liberty News Network, airs never seen before footage of David Aguilar telling Border Patrol agents that a guest worker program will not result in amnesty, and that the dangerous bill HR 98 will help solve the problem. Brought to you by Liberty News Network – a project of The John Birch Society Be kind and subscribe to our channel! More news at: Facebook Twitter:

Social Security Identity Theft by Illegal Alien Invader

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Dec 03 2012

Yet one more case (out of millions) of an illegal alien invader stealing an Americans identity……again