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Elections, campaign & illegal immigrants

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Feb 21 2013

More and More lies from Corporate American media against illegal immigrants. of the most effective ways to create resentment, hatred and “distraction” from US involvement in other Global political, economical and political issues is blaming Immigrants for every misfortune in America.

Illegal immigrants cash cow for corporations

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Dec 29 2012

Illegal immigration facilities have been increasing profits with anti-immigration laws. These same companies are asking for even tougher, stricter immigration bills to keep their facilities at capacity. Over 2 million Immigrants are being held captive in private prisons and these corporations get $45 to $130 per detainee. Marina Portnaya investigates.

Illegal immigrants in Japan vol.o1

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Nov 27 2012

There are many illegal aliens live in Japan. Today police caught over 40 foreigners including Koreans and Thais.

LEGAL Hispanic Immigrants Speak Out in Support of SB1070

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Oct 26 2012 Latinos who came here LEGALLY speak out in defense of 1070. “People say, ‘You’re a traitor. They’re your people.’ I say, ‘No, they’re not my people. My people are honorable people.” God bless you, Anna Gaines. These are patriots, and show why we will prevail in the end. Because Illegal is NOT a race. It is a crime. http SWA Store: Donate to SWA:

US Illegal Immigrants and Mass Deportations Face New Scrutiny

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Sep 16 2012

The US government is currently reviewing orders to deport thousands of illegal immigrants in two cities, at a time of great division on the issue at federal and local levels. In the past fiscal year, a record 396000 undocumented immigrants were deported from the United States, with more than 300000 cases still pending. VOA’s Nico Colombant has more.

Are Indians Illegal Immigrants?

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Aug 27 2012

Why is the US Gov’t forcing Native Americans to use US Passports, yet they are suing Arizona on behalf of Latino illegal immigrants? This video discusses the hypocrisy. This video is part of the Political Common Sense for America series.

GGN: Clinton Mocks Anti-Globalist, Cities Forced to Take Immigrants? Women/Child Poverty 17-Yr. High

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Jun 12 2012

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE Please visit: or http for the latest news commentary by Global Government News Please visit to donate to GGN because it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. HEADLINES WITH LINKS Real US Deficit in 2011: $5 Trillion US poverty rate for women and children hits 17-year record high $520 toll late fee ‘does not fit the crime’ says penalized driver States looking to new tolls to pay for highways Drivers paying more tolls to use roads, bridges 35948 Arrested Yesterday Illegal immigrants arrested in phony UPS van For first time since Depression, more Mexicans leave US than enter NYC Bloomberg: Federal government “deliberately force” large municipalities to take in immigrants Aerial Drones Patrolling The Border Border patrol agent caught running his own Fast and Furious operation Banks Financing Mexico Gangs Admitted in Wells Fargo Deal Former JP Morgan Lobbyist Manages The Banking Committee Expected To Investigate JP Morgan’s Trading Loss Valparaiso standoff ends; hostages free Clinton Hits ‘Black Helicopters’ Crowd to Push Sea Treaty Smoky Mountains National Park – A UN “World Heritage” and “Biosphere Reserve”. My research into those meanings and UN – US National Parks Democrats revolt against Obama over TPP Greece to Exit Euro, New Currency to Fall 60%: Citi Fearing Eurozone Exit, More

Illegal Immigrants protest no problem while America citizen by birth may be deported

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Jun 04 2012

As of June 30, here is the latest on US Navy Reserves Petty Officer Elisha Dawkins: Recently illegal immigrants were protesting in Atlanta, Georgia to protest that state’s policies aimed at illegal immigrants. This protest was a “coming out” event for these illegals proudly proclaiming their illegal status in the United States of America. What is even more shocking was the article appearing in The Dallas Morning News, “Illegal immigrants protest.” Golly and shazam! The news media actually used the word “illegal” when reporting about illegal immigrants. Usually the media provides cover for those who broke the law by referring to them as “undocumented immigrants” or just “immigrants.” However this time the news violated political correctness and actually labeled an “illegal” as being “illegal.” Who da thunk? The young illegal immigrant protestors were arrested not for being what they are, “illegal,” but for blocking traffic. Later they were released to their parents to return to their homes in Georgia. Now if the child is in the USA illegally, does it not stand to reason so are the parents? They were not held for deportation, but released to other illegals. On the same page in The Dallas Morning News where the above article appeared, also appeared this article, “War vet may avoid passport prosecution.” Navy Reserve Petty Officer Elisha Dawkins (age 26) was arrested by the State Department for checking the wrong box on a passport application. Petty Office

Illegal Immigrants Overloaded on a truck

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Dec 17 2011

truck overloaded to the max with immigrants somewhere near brownsville texas

Protesters Arrested at Vermont State Police After Immigrants Detained.MPG

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Nov 25 2011

Four protesters were handcuffed and charged with disorderly conduct after refusing to move away from a US Border Patrol vehicle carrying detained migrant farmworkers in Middlesex, Vt., on Sept. 13, 2011.