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stop Language discrimination in the us

Illegal Aliens | Posted by Admin
Mar 05 2013

Job applicant will challenge counseling position’s spanish-language requirement Western is being accused of discrimination in its hiring practices concerning a Multicultural and Latino Student Outreach Admissions Counselor position

Border Patrol Agent Exam – Artificial Language Test Part 2

Border Patrol | Posted by Admin
Nov 01 2011

This video explains the Artificial Language Test of the Border Patrol Agent exam. Visit for more information and videos. Part 2 of 2

What does “Deus aux de Maia” mean, and what language is that?

MAIA | Posted by Admin
May 16 2010

What does the name Maia mean and in what language?

MAIA | Posted by Admin
Jan 07 2009

I really like the name Maia, but I do not know the origin. I would like to know where it comes from and what the meaning is. Can some one please help me?