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NAFTA’s Ultimate Effect on Mexico P1 of 2

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Mar 07 2013

Nearly 23000 people have been killed in drug-related violence in Mexico since a US-backed military crackdown on cartels began more than three years ago. The report said 2009 was the deadliest year in the drug war, with over 9600 people killed. The death toll is on track to be even higher in 2010. Amy Goodman, Democracy Now, speaks with reporter Charles Bowden, author of Murder City: Ciudad Juárez and the Global Economys New Killing Fields, concerning the current state of affairs in Mexico.

ATF Enabling Illegal US Gun Traffic to Mexico!!!

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Jan 12 2013

Video Courtesy of CBS News: I’ve been following this story since I had heard about it a few weeks ago. IA Senator Chuck Grassley had put together an investigation after allegations had surfaced that the ATF was enabling the illegal gun trade to Mexico: One of these “Project Gunrunner” guns was used to murder US Border Patrol agent Brian Terry The ATF had claimed that “90%” of the illegal guns in MX came from the US – apparently they were on to something


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Nov 15 2012

SAN DIEGO, California, USA. An illegal alien putting an end to his attempt to cross from Mexico into the United States in broad day light as American Border Patrol surveillance cameras watch on. The man quickly climbs over the first fence into to get back into Mexican territory before one of the rapidly deployed patrols catches him. Enrique Morones lives on the American side and has been observing this kind of activity for the past twenty years. He plants water bottles along the border for clandestines who have often come from far under unbearable heat. According to him the construction of the wall has only made the journey more dangerous for illegal aliens.

9 drug runners 35 miles north of the US border with Mexico, near Tucson

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Jul 08 2012

Video from a trail camera placed by the AZ Border Defenders. A total of 9 drug runners walking past the same camera on the same day. This camera is approx 35 miles north of the United States border with Mexico near Tucson AZ.

Stewart A. Swerdlow – Borat Fiasco, Spy-Chips-A-Go-Go, Weapons Cache In Mexico

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Jul 04 2012 Stewart A. Swerdlow reveals more pertinent news items from the strange to the censored New “terahertz” chips for mobile phones that see through solid objects, “avatar” technology for the disabled, a weapons raid at the Arizona/Mexico border not reported by media, an asteroid-mining project headed by Hollywood director James Cameron, and more.

Can the Border Patrol shoot into Mexico

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Apr 07 2012

USA-AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio – The struggle for control of the AZ / Mexico border

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Apr 03 2012

Blog Article: This video begins to show you what is happening now that we have begun to close our borders along Mexico and highlights the failure of our government to complete yet another task We The People had charged them with. At Tecate Mexico the government ignored its obligation to erect a proper border fence, leaving sections of old 10 ft high matt fencing, with many holes, that is easy to climb in place. They did this all along the California border. This is pure negligence on the part of the government but the Mainstream Media simply refuses to report on this. Fact of the matter is that the government lied about how many miles of fence were actually built along the border when the secure fence act was put in place. They fraudulently counted the sections of existing sections of substandard fence in the number of mile of fence they had reported to the public they built. All told they really only erected just over 200 miles of fence before calling it quits. They did more damage than good by not completing the fence because the sections that went up only forced the drug smugglers to make use of other open corridors, which were already controlled by other drug cartels, to get their drugs into America and that is what has sparked the current drug war that is ensuing in Arizona today. Now we know just what Sheriff Joe is up against. To make matters worse Obama and Hillary Clinton are use this tension to spur a racially charged divide

Rush – Eric Holder – Operation Fast And Furious – Allowing Illegal Weapons Into Mexico

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Feb 17 2012

Rush -Eric Holder – Operation Fast And Furious – Allowing Illegal Weapons Into Mexico,One Of Those Weapons Killed Border Patrol Agent In Last Killing.

Congressman Tom McClintock Tells Mexico To Butt Out

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Oct 30 2011

Mexican President Felipe Calderon insulted America by demanding that our congress pass amnesty for Mexican illegal aliens on May 19, 2010. Congressman Tom McClintock told Calderon to Butt Out of American affairs.

Texas Border Patrol – Rising Violence In Mexico

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Oct 26 2011

Arming patrol with automatic machine guns!