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Obama Justice-Thieves Go Free, Victim Arrested

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Mar 03 2013

Obama justice. Wheat Ridge, Colorado – Admitted thieves go free, while an 82 year old man is facing life in prison, for trying to defend his property and his life.

Dick Morris: Obama Impeachment Calls May Be Appropriate

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Feb 09 2013

Newsmax contributor Dick Morris says calls f or impeachment could be appropriate should President Obama grant amnesty to illegal aliens. Dick explains what questions he has for Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan. Find out what presence Dick believes Sarah Palin would have in a presidential primary.

President Douchebag Obama Will FINALLY Meet With Arizona Governor Jan Brewer! ABOUT FREAKING TIME!

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Nov 23 2012

You Go Girl! Please Comment, Rate, & Subscribe! Are you a proud American? Please join the Facebook group called STOP Illegal Immigration & Secure OUR Borders NOW! Invite ALL of your Facebook friends! Here is the link

Conservative Icon Phyllis Schlafly: Obama is Bought and Paid For by Wall Steet & China 1/2

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Nov 21 2012

Alex also welcomes back to the show conservative activist and author who founded the Eagle Forum, Phyllis Schlafly. Since 1967, she has published a newsletter, the Phyllis Schlafly Report. Alex also covers the latest news and takes your calls.

Fast & Furious Dictator Obama Declares Executive Privilege in Gun Running Scandal

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Aug 23 2012

The Once seemingly belevolent and charismatic Candidate Barack Obama has now fundamentally transformed himself into a malevolent Dictator who now claims Executive Privilege in a desperate attempt to withhold key documents from the House Oversight and Reform Committee that has become frustrated in the continous coverups by the Justice Department as well as The White House in the infamous Fast and Furious Gun Running Scandal that has backfired in the Death of at least one US Border Patrol Agent. The House Oversight and Reform Committee members voted to cite Attorney General Eric Holder with a Contempt of Congress Charge. While Committee ranking member Elijah Cummings D-Md complained that the vote which was a straight 23-17 party-line of vote was: “Just Political” As you shall witness in this video President Barack Obama is clearly now a CHANGEd man who has broken a vast majority of his 2008 Campaign Promises as the Continuity of Agenda Agent now in charge has now Fundamentally Transformed himself into an ever increasingly malevolent Dictator who has nearly completed the Executive Branches Power Grab that has increasingly metastisized since the morning of November 22, 1963 FULL REPORT @

Obama Justice Dept. Rejects Fallen Agent’s Family as Fast & Furious Crime Victims

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Aug 21 2012

Fox News covers the latest details in Operation Fast and Furious. Arizona’s US attorney rejected the claim to list the Terry family to receive “crime victim” status. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed in a shootout in December 2010. Two of the guns found on the scene had been walked across the US-Mexico border in the Justice Department approved Operation Fast and Furious. Fox News – August 11, 2011

Obama and Congress outlawing parts of the 1st Amd! Well, Hail to the king then! HR347

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May 05 2012

It’s nice that at a time when our nation is collapsing economically, the white house and congress are passing a bill which outlaws us to stand anywhere near them, gee I wonder why? Could it be that 300 million Americans are screwed because of governmental mismanagement of the most industrious nation on earth? What’s next anyway? Maybe they’ll invest in having the border patrol set up a barricade around all of DC and just make it for the aristocracy!

President Obama: Stop the Jokes – Secure the Border

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Mar 30 2012

Almost a year ago, Governor Jan Brewer invited President Barack Obama to visit the Arizona border. He declined. Since then, the Federal Government has sued the State of Arizona for making sure immigration laws are enforced. Brewer has been celebrated by many for taking action to enforce laws that Washington has long ignored, those who oppose the law continue to choose pithy punch lines over responsible and pragmatic action. Two days ago in El Paso, President Obama decided once again that Arizona’s unsecured borders and illegal immigration crisis are a laughing matter. Unfortunately, no one in Arizona is laughing.

Chaffetz: Hold the Obama Administration Accountable for Fast & Furious

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Mar 14 2012

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) goes on Fox News to discuss the latest developments in uncovering what went wrong in the Department of Justice during the failed and deadly Operation Fast and Furious.

ANOTHER Scandal that could DEPOSE Obama!

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Feb 27 2012

ORIGINAL WND ARTICLE HERE Several law enforcement agencies of the federal government, including the FBI, Justice Department, Department of Homeland Security, Drug Enforcement Administration and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, got together to hatch a plan to sell guns to Mexican drug cartel members — at least one of which was later used to murder a Border Patrol agent. ________________________________________________ Hear Pastor Carl Gallups (Narrator of this video) on Live talk radio on NW FL’s TALK RADIO – 1330 WEBY AM – broadcasting to a 4 state area on the Gulf Coast – every Friday afternoon – LISTEN LIVE! Every Friday 4-6 PM CT. FACEBOOK FAN PAGE! http JOIN US ON TWITTER! JOIN US ON MYSPACE! CleanTV® is your safe haven for educational and entertaining television programs. LIVE TALK RADIO with CARL GALLUPS FREEDOM FRIDAY 1330 WEBY LIVE LINK – LISTEN NOW! **NEW** FREEDOM FRIDAY GIFT SHOP! ***NEW*** Stauros Films Store PASTOR GALLUPS/Keith Olberman! EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH PASTOR CARL GALLUPS! The BIRTHER Repository EVOLUTIONISTS and ATHEISTS – Click HERE MORE EVIDENCE CREATION.COM PPSIMMONS’ SHOP! http