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A police officer patrols the Mall a day before the London Marathon

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Apr 20 2013

A police officer patrols the Mall a day before the London Marathon Hundreds of extra police officers will be still deployed for Sunday’s London Marathon desp…

Drone patrols – police start buying UAVs for domestic use

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Oct 24 2012

As defense spending in the US is reduced, the industry is pushing to expand their market of drones and are trying to sell the unmanned aerial vehicles, both overseas and domestically. In the USA, drones are used for things like wild life conservations, surveillance of farm land, border patrol and drug enforcement. Recently, however, the International Association of Police recommended that the use of drones by law enforcement agencies agencies, but are UAVs really needed to keep the country safe or is it just a way for the defense industry to make more money? Amie Stepanovich of Epic breaks it down. Like us and/or follow us:

The Border Patrol’s job is not to stop illegal immigrants!

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Aug 20 2010

Judicial Watch Obtains Videotape of Border Patrol Sector Chief Decrying Illegal Immigration Enforcement

Customs & Border Protection Internal Roving Patrols

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Apr 12 2010

In May 2008, two Border Patrol supervisors were retaliated against by the Border Patrol for testifying to an illegal enforcement practice known as ’shotgunning traffic’. This is where Border Patrol agents on roving patrol inside the country conduct traffic stops absent reasonable suspicion. If something illegal is discovered, agents falsify reports to justify the stop after the fact. If nothing illegal is discovered, no reports are created making it impossible to know how pervasive this illegal practice is. When the ex-wife of one of the agents ran afoul of this illegal traffic stopping practice in New Mexico in 2006, the agent complained to the Border Patrol and the Office of Internal Affairs. Instead of investigating the incident, the agents were told they were jeopardizing their careers. When the agents persisted by testifying in court, charges against the agent’s wife were dropped but the Border Patrol accused the agents of releasing sensitive Border Patrol enforcement practices to the public and suspended their enforcement certifications. They were also assigned to border fence building duties. The veteran agents fought back against the retaliation by enlisting the aid of the ACLU. The ACLU filed suit in federal district court in 2008. In exchange for dropping the suit, the Border Patrol fully reinstated the agents earlier this year. For more details, see:

Meet the Border Patrol’s new sector chief

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Mar 19 2010

Meet the Border Patrol’s new sector chief
The Border Patrol’s new Tucson Sector chief, Victor M. Manjarrez Jr., has local ties: He’s been in charge of the Naco station as well as the Douglas station. A 21-year veteran of the Border Patrol, Manjarrez now is responsible for the patrol’s largest sector in the United States, overseeing the operations of eight Border Patrol Stations in Arizona. From July 2006 to July 2007, he served as the …

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German and Swiss border patrols meet in the snow

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Feb 06 2009

Border Patrol

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