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Goodbye Blue Sky – America’s Wall Rising

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Feb 23 2013

A chilling montage of political events and issues over the last couple of years which brings into perspective the danger America currently faces. Our constitution is under attack with the blessings of the main stream media, and all hope is resting on the individual voter becoming well informed on what is taking place around them. Is it too late?

Phoenix Rising – 15 – Terry Anderson

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Feb 25 2012

The Terry Anderson Show From the immigration enforcement rally Phoenix Rising June 5, 2010 – Wesley Bolin Park – Phoenix, Arizona Video:

911 calls from border patrol, Mississippi river STILL rising, 100 degrees this weekend?

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Dec 19 2011

A look at the big stories that we’re following on ABC15 Daybreak on this Friday the 13th! (insert creepy music here)

Texas Border Patrol – Rising Violence In Mexico

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Oct 26 2011

Arming patrol with automatic machine guns!

Rising cost of illegal aliens in Los Angeles County

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Jul 23 2010

Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich speaks to Casey Wian of the Lou Dobbs show on the devestating impact of illegal immigration on Los Angeles County taxpayers. Figures from the Department of Public Social Services show that children of illegal aliens in Los Angeles County collected $450 million in welfare and food stamps in 2008 an increase of $25 million from the previous year. Annually the cost of illegal immigration to Los Angeles County taxpayers exceeds over one billion dollars, which includes $220 million for public safety, $400 million for healthcare, and $450 million in welfare and food stamps allocations. Twenty-five percent of the Countys total allotment of welfare and food stamps benefits goes directly to the children of illegal aliens born in the United States. Illegal immigration continues to have a devastating impact on Los Angeles County taxpayers, said Antonovich. The total cost for illegal immigrants to County taxpayers exceeds $1 billion a year not including the millions of dollars for education.