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Americas Toughest Sheriff Joe Arpaio says it’s Business as Usual! Arizona SB1070

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Mar 01 2013

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LEGAL Hispanic Immigrants Speak Out in Support of SB1070

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Oct 26 2012 Latinos who came here LEGALLY speak out in defense of 1070. “People say, ‘You’re a traitor. They’re your people.’ I say, ‘No, they’re not my people. My people are honorable people.” God bless you, Anna Gaines. These are patriots, and show why we will prevail in the end. Because Illegal is NOT a race. It is a crime. http SWA Store: Donate to SWA:

John McCain On SB1070 Arizona Illegal Alien Law

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Aug 23 2012

John McCain says he would have written law differently. Including amnesty possibly? Hannity questions McCain on his past support for an amnesty.

Sheriff Joe Apaio shuts up the GIANT Douchebag Ed Schultz on Arizona Illegal Immigration SB1070

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May 20 2010

Please Comment, Rate, & Subscribe! EVERYONE PLEASE sign the petition: We Stand With Arizona, and Against Illegal Immigration, Right NOW! It’s VERY EASY! Americas Toughest Sheriff Joe Arpaio talks with a GIANT Douchebag about the new Arizona Illegal Immigration Bill that will soon be law. The Sheriff is going to be able to fight illegal aliens and their supporters much more effectively now! Many people wonder if Sheriff Joe Arpaio could do more to fight illegal immigration as the Arizona Governor, or as Sheriff. I have been on the side of Sheriff. BUT one thing I know about Sheriff Joe Arpaio is that he is extremely passionate about enforcing the immigration laws. I dont believe he would run for Governor unless he truly thought he could accomplish more against illegal immigration as the Governor. More than likely this topic will be the deciding factor in his decision. So whether Im supporting Sheriff Joe Arpaio, or Governor Joe Arpaio, he has my full support! *PLEASE do not post any racist comments on either side of this important issue, I will block and remove you. Thanks*