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stop Language discrimination in the us

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Mar 05 2013

Job applicant will challenge counseling position’s spanish-language requirement Western is being accused of discrimination in its hiring practices concerning a Multicultural and Latino Student Outreach Admissions Counselor position

Why Not Stop Illegal Immigration? Ask David Aguilar

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Dec 07 2012

Andy Ramirez, national correspondent for Liberty News Network, airs never seen before footage of David Aguilar telling Border Patrol agents that a guest worker program will not result in amnesty, and that the dangerous bill HR 98 will help solve the problem. Brought to you by Liberty News Network – a project of The John Birch Society Be kind and subscribe to our channel! More news at: Facebook Twitter:

Guy Fails to Stop at Border Patrol.

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Oct 08 2012

Defund La Raza – STOP THE HATE

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Jul 06 2012

Border Patrol stop on the wrong road to Casa De Colores

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Apr 27 2012

We took this wrong road to go to Casa de Colores in Brownsville and the Border Patrol stopped us. They were cool with it, I thought it was going to be worse

President Obama: Stop the Jokes – Secure the Border

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Mar 30 2012

Almost a year ago, Governor Jan Brewer invited President Barack Obama to visit the Arizona border. He declined. Since then, the Federal Government has sued the State of Arizona for making sure immigration laws are enforced. Brewer has been celebrated by many for taking action to enforce laws that Washington has long ignored, those who oppose the law continue to choose pithy punch lines over responsible and pragmatic action. Two days ago in El Paso, President Obama decided once again that Arizona’s unsecured borders and illegal immigration crisis are a laughing matter. Unfortunately, no one in Arizona is laughing.

STOP THE HATE: Defund La Raza NOW!

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Sep 18 2011 Help us run this TV ad NATIONALLY. The media shares La Raza’s aims and will never report this outrage. We must reach the American People directly.

What are the codes that border patrol uses when they stop to inspect cars?

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Aug 26 2010

I was coming back from Canada with some family through the bridge to Detroit, MI. We were pulled over for inspection and had to wait in this room for border patrol/customs/homeland security. I was wondering what the codes they use on the pink slip that tells you why you were stopped mean, because they were abbreviations that were not made clear.

The Border Patrol’s job is not to stop illegal immigrants!

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Aug 20 2010

Judicial Watch Obtains Videotape of Border Patrol Sector Chief Decrying Illegal Immigration Enforcement

How do we stop illegal aliens from killing Americans?

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Jan 16 2009

BREWSTER, N.Y. — Authorities expect to file additional criminal charges against the Brewster man who struck and killed an 8-year-old girl and her mother outside a popular dance studio Monday evening.

Conses Garcia Zacarias, 35, was allegedly driving drunk when his pickup truck ran through the intersection of routes 22 and 6 about 6:45 p.m. and hit Kayla Donohue and her mother, Lori, 37, both Brewster residents, who were walking in a parking lot, police said.

State police said the two victims had just left the Seven Stars School of Performing Arts, where the child was taking lessons. She was pinned to the wall of the building and pronounced dead at the scene.

Her mother was taken to Putnam Hospital, then transferred to Westchester County Medical Center, where she died later Monday.

The “investigation revealed that a full-size pickup truck, operated by a lone male, was driving erratically eastbound on (Route 6) through the village,” according to police.

Zacarias, who police said was also driving without a license, was arraigned before Town of Southeast Judge Gregory Folchetti and is being held in Putnam County Jail in lieu of $150,000 bail.

Federal immigrations officials have lodged a detainer against Zacarias because he is in the country illegally, according to Capt. William McNamara, spokesman for the jail.

State police said Zacharias was charged with one count of vehicular manslaughter in the first degree, a class C felony, and driving while intoxicated, but they expect to file a second manslaughter count as a result of Lori Donohue’s death.

Investigators are asking anyone who witnessed the accident or has information about it to call the New York State Police at (845) 279-8656.

Brewster man faces DUI charge in death of mom, girl, 8