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Agency Edge Mobile Training 1

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Apr 14 2013

San Diego County Sheriff’s Department – Active Shooter Training San Marcos

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Dec 05 2012

It was all fake, but all too real. The San Diego Sheriff’s Department conducted an Active Shooter Training in San Marcos on Tuesday, July 17th. The scenario played out at Palomar Community College. With gunshots ringing out, deputies made their way through the halls of two buildings, practicing how they would track down a gunman. There were students and volunteers in the hall running for their lives. Before the drill started, deputies were required to render their weapons safe. They were replaced with mock firearms tagged to indicate they were not dangerous. An active shooter by definition is someone that displays the ability and willingness to shoot people indiscriminately and without regard to his or her safety. It’s an unpredictable scenario that no one wants to think about, but deputies are ready to respond in the event a real emergency occurs. The goal was to expose first responders to a variety of active shooter scenarios and practice tactics, movements, positions in entering and clearing a room, communication via radio or hand and arm signals, locating and removing victims, providing security for paramedics, finding evacuation routes, establishing a rescue plan and what to do when a team member is down. This exercise was also a test of mutual aid tactics with Palomar College Police, Carlsbad Police, Oceanside Police, California Highway Patrol, Escondido Police, State Parks, Camp Pendleton’s Provost Marshal’s Office and the US Border Patrol.

CBP Video: Alaska Survival Training

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Sep 22 2012

CBP Field Officers and Border Patrol Agents train for cold weather survival in the Alaskan interior near the Port of Alcan. * This is the official YouTube site for US Customs and Border Protection. Comments and video responses posted to this Channel are subject to YouTube’s usage policies. Your comments are public and available to anyone visiting a DHS Channel or video. To protect your privacy and the privacy of others, do not include your full name, phone numbers, email addresses, social security numbers, case numbers or any other personally identifiable information in your comment or response video. US Customs and Border Protection does not moderate comments on this Channel prior to posting, but reserves the right to remove any materials that pose a security risk or are offensive. Any opinions expressed here, except as specifically noted, are those of the individual commentators and do not reflect any agency policy, endorsement or action. US Customs and Border Protection will not be collecting or retaining these comments in its records.

Mark Munoz Pre Fight Training for UFC 108.wmv

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Jun 30 2012

Here is an exerpt from a recent dynamic conditioning workout with UFC Fighter Mark Munoz. He has a 16 pound weight vest on that is fastened extra tight to constrict his breathing. This is the second of 3 x 10 ten minute rounds.

Border Patrol Training with Salute Steel Targets

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Jun 14 2012

Border Patrol Agents training with Salute Products Steel Targets using 870 12ga Shotguns.

Eurocopter-135 German Federal Border Patrol in Training -

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Mar 26 2012

The Bundespolizei was previously known as the Bundesgrenzschutz (BGS) (“Federal Border Guard”), here the Helicopter EC-135 training in Night vision maneuvers. With 42 helicopters EC-135 , plus another 83 helicopters more. Las fuerzas Federales Policiales Alemanes custodios de sus fronteras y costas, utilizan mas de 100 helicopteros utilitarios, busqueda, salvamento y patrullaje, entre los que destacan los Eurocopter-135 de los cuales tienen 42 en operacion equipados con visores nocturnos para vigilancia y custodia fronteriza, aqui en este video en adiestramiento.

Football player Rafael Maia Santos – training and playing

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May 19 2011

My best moments playing and training. Enjoy. Thanks a lot!

How does border patrol training work?

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Sep 05 2010

I did some research and saw something saying that training is for 5 months. Is that like military training where you are away from everything for 5 months or can you do it from your home? I have a 4 month old and I cannot leave him for that long. There is no way! I really want to do border patrol but not if that is a requirement. An answer to this and information on training would be most helpful!

Border Patrol Training Center

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Jul 17 2010 Border Patrol Firing Range Training Center. mexico mexican illegal alien crossings west texas virginia rescue marshal sheriff police county exercise cpr first aid shots fired bootcamp boot camp military practice military machine guns border patrol agent firing range martial law pistols bullets training enforcement marshall officer new border patrol agent new firing range martial machine guns pistols bullets training practice law enforcement marshall officer mexico mexican illegal alien crossings texas west virginia rescue marshal sheriff police county exercise cpr first aid shots fired bootcamp boot camp military

Demian Maia training for UFC 112

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Apr 12 2010

Bad Boy Fighter Demian Maia trains for his fight championship fight against Anderson Silva at UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi, UAE on April 10th. Demian’s camp was based in Brazil at his academy in Sao Paulo. We caught up with Demian as he trained for a week in San Diego at The Arena, MMA Conditioning, University of Jiu Jistu, and Faction. Watch as Demian works with fellow Bad Boy Fighter Xande Ribiero. Follow Bad Boy on twitter: