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Goodbye Blue Sky – America’s Wall Rising

Illegal Aliens | Posted by Admin
Feb 23 2013

A chilling montage of political events and issues over the last couple of years which brings into perspective the danger America currently faces. Our constitution is under attack with the blessings of the main stream media, and all hope is resting on the individual voter becoming well informed on what is taking place around them. Is it too late?

Conservative Icon Phyllis Schlafly: Obama is Bought and Paid For by Wall Steet & China 1/2

Illegal Aliens | Posted by Admin
Nov 21 2012

Alex also welcomes back to the show conservative activist and author who founded the Eagle Forum, Phyllis Schlafly. Since 1967, she has published a newsletter, the Phyllis Schlafly Report. Alex also covers the latest news and takes your calls.


MAIA | Posted by Admin
Apr 17 2012

O Grupo Vocal da Escola Básica 2, 3 da Maia (São Miguel – Açores), iniciou-se em Setembro de 2010 com o intuito de aumentar a oferta de actividades musicais nesta mesma escola. Actualmente é contituído por 18 elementos com idades entre os 10 e 13 anos. A principal actividade neste ano lectivo foi a criação do espectáculo “Velvet Carochinha”, onde as tradicionais músicas infantis receberam uma nova “roupagem” com base nos grande hits da música rock. AC/DC, Queen, Nirvana e Led Zeppelin, entre outros, conheceram as fantásticas personagens do imaginário infantil português, dando origem a um programa de recordações únicas. ALUNOS DO GRUPO VOCAL: ANDREIA SILVA, CARINA CUSTÓDIO, CARLOS MELO, DANIELA SILVA, DAVID CARDOSO, DÉBORA CORDEIRO, DÉBORA PACHECO, JÉSSICA SOUSA, MARIA PIMENTEL, MARIANA ARAÚJO, MARLI SILVA, NICOLE FERREIRA, PEDRO REBELO, PEDRO SILVA, RAQUEL FURTADO, SARA REBELO, TERESA ALEXANDRE, TERESA GONÇALVES. SOLISTAS: CARINA CUSTÓDIO (A SAIA DA CAROLINA) MARIANA ARAÚJO (O NOSSO GALO) PEDRO REBELO (O COWBOY) TERESA GONÇALVES (EU VI UM SAPO) LETRAS (ARRANJOS E ORIGINAIS): JOANA COSTA E PEDRO TEIXEIRA FICHA TÉCNICA GRAVADO ENTRE FEVEREIRO E MARÇO DE 2011 MISTURA — MARÇO DE 2011: PEDRO TEIXEIRA DIRECÇÃO MUSICAL / PRODUÇÃO: PEDRO TEIXEIRA CONTACTO: ESTE PROJECTO TEM COMO ÚNICO INTUITO A PROMOÇÃO CULTURAL E EDUCACIONAL. UTILIZAMOS LETRAS ORIGINAIS E ADAPTAÇÕES DE MÚSICAS INFANTIS PORTUGUESAS COM HITS DA MÚSICA ROCK MUNDIAL. JUNTAMOS ASSIM AS

Jeffrey and Maia’s Early Wall Followers

MAIA | Posted by Admin
Mar 14 2011

Here are some early attempts of my George School robotics students, Maia Shoham and Jeffrey Huang, to program their robots to autonomously follow the contour of any wall using three Sharp IR sensors. Maia and Jeffrey will enter their robots in the International Fire Fighting competition, which takes place April 9-10, 2011 at Trinity College in Hartford, CT. I put these failed attempts online to show my future students a number of things: 1.) Their robots did not simply work right away — it takes a lot of effort! 2.) Even though the code may look good on paper (or the computer screen), real life has a way of showing us things we’ve overlooked. 3.) These two super-students made a number of mistakes as quickly as possible. Rather than dwelling on their mistakes, they worked to rectify them. 4.) They never allowed their frustration to overshadow their desire to make it work. Their robots are the Mouse robot from Robodyssey, and the microcontroller they are using is a BX-24 from NetMedia.